About the Greek White Wine – Aidani

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One sniff of the Aidani white wine, which is produced near the Aegean Sea in the Greek island of Santorini, and you’ll immediately be transported to the island itself. The smell evokes the heady sea air and delicate vegetation on that island, and it’s difficult not to picture the white-washed buildings and intense, volcanic landscape when drinking it. The Greek white wine, Aidani, is dry and has a pale yellow lemon-greenish color. The smell and flavor displays yellow fruits with hints or floral tastings.  Aidani is often found in Greek islands of Santorini and Rhodes.

The Aidini grape is known under several synonyms in the Mediterranean and Greek region, including Aidani Aspro, Aedano, Aedani, Aidano, Aspedano, Aspraidano, Asproaidani, Leyko, Lefko, Lafko Aidani and Lefko Ithani white wines.  The white grapes that are part of and are produces with the Aidini white wine are often harvested in the Fall time of year and can be mixed and blended with other white wines to produce a sweet wine from time to time.



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