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Pontiaka Music Playlist

Pontian music, also known as Pontiaka, was created by the Greeks of the Pontus region.  The music is played by a Kementze (Lyra),   Daouli (drum) and often a flute or fife and sung in the Pontian dialect.  This dialect is deeply rooted in the Ancient Greek language and remains a dialect still used today.

Pontiaka music is a form of story telling. Through traditional music, the Pontian culture and history was preserved for future generations.  Dance also plays a big part in the Pontian culture.  Popular dances such as the Kotsari, Tik and Serra are still danced at gatherings and festivals today.

This Pontiaka Music Playlist is managed by the Salonica Boys, the #1 Greek DJs in New England!

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Here are the songs and tracks that are part of our Pontiaka Music Playlist:

  1. “Karalazos by Petros Gaitanos”
  2. “Tha apoxorioiumai t’arni by Stelios Nikolaidis”
  3. “Xoui Xoui by Stelios Nikolaidis”
  4. “Ego tha pero liritzi by Pela Nikolaidou”
  5. “Osimeron i Pantreia Stelios Nikolaidis”
  6. “Peino kai trogo aimata by Xrusanthos”
  7. “Patrida M’araevo se by Stelios Kazantzidis”
  8. “Kortsopon peeie me t’onema s’ by Stelios Nikolaidis  ”
  9. “O Feggon by Stelios Nikolaidis”
  10. “Kotsari by Mp. Kemanetzidis”
  11. “Pontiako Prosklitirio Stelios Kazantidis”
  12. “Parthen h Romania by K. Alexandredis – G. Amarantidis”
  13. “Tsambasin by Stelios Kazantzidis”
  14. “Soumela len thn Panagia by Chysanthos”
  15. “Purixios – Sera Organiko”
  16. “Etairon kai h Lygeri by Alexis Parxaridis”
  17. “H Kor’ epyen sou parxar by G. Ioannidis”
  18. “Seranta mhla by Pela Nikolaidou”
  19. “Ada son kosmon apapo by Katerina Papadopoulou”
  20. “Omal by G. Amarantidis”
  21. “Ti Trixas to gefur by G. Ioannidis”
  22. “Trygona by Alexis Parxaridis”
  23. “Tik by G. Amarantidis”
  24. “Ti Thalassas to neron by Alexis Parxaridis”
  25. “Galean poultson t’alogo’s by G. Amarantidis
  26. “I Mana en Kruon Neron by Petros Gaitanos”
  27. “Gourban s eson theleman by Pela Nikolaidou – B. Kemanetzidis”
  28. “Ela Poullim as makra by Matthaios Tsaxouridis”
  29. “Alarotos Sevtalis by Mathaios Tsaxouridis”
  30. “I Sevta s’ki metrietai by K. Tsaxouridis”


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