Visit the Beautiful Beaches on the Island of Lefkada

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Lefkada-330x185If you love beaches, you’re going to love the Greek island of Lefkada. Not only are there at least a dozen beaches on the island, but also these are some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Greece, if not the entire world.

Eggremni Beach: One of the most beautiful beaches in all of Greece, but also one of the most difficult to get to, is Eggremni Beach. To get to this beach, you must walk down nearly 400 stairs — they call it the Stairway to Heaven — but it’s totally worth it once you catch your first glimpse of how shockingly blue the water is here. It’s an extremely clean beach, with white pebbles lining the coast. This beach isn’t ideal for children, as the water is fairly deep, just a short distance from the shore. Here, you’ll also have access to beach services and a beach bar, and some of the most amazing views on the island.

Porto Katsiki: You will also need to descend several stairs to make it down to the clean sands of this beach, but once you get there, you will be blown away how crystal clear the water is. The water here is so clear that if you’re able to get an aerial view of the beach, you can see the floor of the sea from most areas. It’s almost like a giant swimming pool, that’s how clear and blue the water is. But just a fair warning, if you come here in-season, be prepared for large flocks of people.

Milos Beach: If you’re looking to avoid the larger beach crowds without having to sacrifice swimming in crystal clear water, Milos Beach is a more private setting, especially if you visit earlier in the season. The reason for the privacy at this beach is because it’s not accessible by car, so you will need to do some hiking to get there, unless a water taxi is available to you. Also, be forewarned that this isn’t a full nude beach, but nudity is allowed here as a result of this beach being off the beaten path.

Kathisma: This beach will be a little more crowded, as it has a sizable parking lot that basically touches the beach itself, but it has plenty of great features. For example, there are tons of beach bars and restaurants in the area, all of which have fantastic food and drinks. Paragliding is a highly popular activity at this beach, but snorkeling isn’t favorable here. Also, the water is relatively deep, so this beach isn’t ideal for children. Plenty of beach games are often being played, though, so it makes for a great day.

Agiofilli Beach: These crystal clear waters are perfect for snorkeling. Watch as all kinds of fish swim by while you swim in the perfect blue-green water. The beach is surrounded by white stone cliffs, some of which you can dive off of into the water. One suggestion I might make is to bring your own beach umbrella, as this beach does sometimes get crowded and there aren’t enough beach umbrellas for rent.

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