What to Do in the City of Sparta on the Peloponnese

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Greece is a country that is filled with history. This history is present no matter where you go, but the Peloponnese is particularly rich because it is the ancient home of the legendary Spartans. Now, there are ruins that exist where the once-great kingdom stood. This is evidenced in the city of Sparta, where there are some ruins from that time period, as well as a thriving, modern way of life. Here’s more information about what you can do while here:


Travelers throughout the history of humanity have seen Greece as land of adventure, mystery, and wonder. They have taken wonderful tales back to their faraway homelands, inspiring generations of visitors to journey back to Greece. No other place, in contemporary times, conjures up the historical mystique of Ancient Greece more strongly that Sparta. Visitors seeking this history won’t be disappointed.

It’s so easy to travel back in time while here to the days of Ancient Sparta! The ruins are located just north of the modern city of Sparta. There, visitors can pass through the Lakedaemonia, also colloquially known as the South Gate of the Acropolis. As a visitor moves west, they are delighted by the sights of the Rotunda, the Temple of Athena Chalkiokos. Exiting the Acropolis, via the northern gate, pagan religion is once more on display with the Heroon and the Altar of Lycourgos.


The landscape of Greece is a harsh, rocky, and weathered. Plus, people have continuously lived in the region for more than five thousand years. These factors make it almost impossible for ancient relics to exist out in the open. Fortunately, the people of Sparta have taken steps to preserve these ancient relics by building multiple museums. Visitors to Sparta can enjoy these ancient relics by exploring the following local museums:

  • Archaeological Museum of Sparta. Many artifacts from Ancient Sparta are on display here.
  • Archaeological Museum of Mystras. This museum specializes in the archaeological site at Mytstras.
  • The Manousakeio Museum of Urban Folk Life. This museum features treasures from the Greek folk life of the area.
  • Koumantareios Art Gallery of Sparta. This modest art gallery houses some beautiful art.
  • The Angakis Art Gallery. This art gallery also features some great art from the area.

Culinary Favorites

The food of Greece is known throughout the world as a cuisine that is fresh, delicious, and healthy. In each wonderful meal, Greek dishes almost always include a secret weapon: olive oil. The land of Sparta has been home to olive trees for thousands of years, breeding a deep, cultural connection between olive oil and the people of Sparta. For centuries, the people of Sparta developed unique methods of creating olive oil. These methods allowed the widespread utilize of olive oil, culminating in a cuisine that millions around the world enjoy today. The people of Sparta honor their connection to olive oil by memorializing it with the Museum of Olive Oil.

It is absolutely worth the effort to visit the city of Sparta while on the Peloponnese. Consider stopping in while visiting Greece and taking in one of the many sites that await you while here.

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