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Here in Boston, we’re no strangers to having a long-running history, and being surrounded by architecture that has been standing for centuries.

That being said, Olympia puts Boston to shame in both categories, with one of the richest pasts in Olympiaall of recorded history, in addition to having some of the most beautiful and impressive architecture of any era in time. In Boston, you can still stand inside Paul Revere’s house, which was built in 1680, close your eyes, and take yourself back to the start of the American Revolution. There aren’t many places left in the world today where you can still see things as they were many centuries ago.

That’s why Olympia is so incredible. You can stand on the grounds in which the first Olympic Games were played for the first time in 776 B.C., once every four years, until 393 A.D. Around 393 A.D. is when the historic site was almost completely destroyed after buildings crumbled to the ground following massive earthquakes that shook the entire city, which led to the Alfios and Kladeos rivers to flood Olympia.

There are so many attractions in Greece that it’s just about impossible to see everything that you should really see while you’re there, but this absolutely has to be on your list. The ancient ruins at Olympia are unparalleled to anything else you will see while visiting Greece, in terms of historical significance. Aside from the magnitude of historical significance in being able to say that you were at the site of the first ever Olympic Games, you will be able to see the remains of an old stadium used during the first Olympic Games and the site of an old sprinting track.

But perhaps one of the most iconic sites that you will see at Olympia is the ruins of the Temple of Zeus, which was constructed between 472 and 456 B.C. and then dedicated to the god Zeus. The Temple of Zeus was once home to the legendary Statue of Zeus. The Statue of Zeus was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, stood approximately 43 feet high, and was a chryselephantine sculpture made of gold and ivory.

It has been said that so many people came to the ancient site for the Olympic Games that by the time the Games began, the capacity was such that you could not fit even one extra spectator into the stadium. Thousands of years later, the Olympics are more popular than ever since the Games are able to be broadcast globally on television. Since the 1994 Winter Games, the Olympic Games have accumulated 413.6 million viewers, which averages out to be 27.6 million viewers per each of the Olympic Games since 1994.

While you’re in Olympia, you must visit all of the fine museums that they have there in that area. First, the Museum of the History of the Excavations in Olympia, which is actually one of the original houses that was home to one of the German excavators from when excavations began in 1852. Next, you’ll have to visit the Museum of the History of the Olympic Games in Antiquity, which takes you through a journey of the Olympic Games one exhibit at a time. And last, you have to check out the Museum of the Olympic Games, which holds an impressive collection of Olympic medals.

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