Don’t Miss These Activities While in Naxos

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Embankment in Naxos islandNaxos has long been praised as being one of the most beautiful islands in the Cyclades island group. It’s also quite charming and quaint, and only those who have passed through here really understand how amazing the place really is. For many, it’s worth it to pass through here, if for nothing else but to see it for yourself. And while you’re here, you don’t want to miss these top activities:

Visit the Temple of Apollo

One of the biggest attractions on Naxos is the Temple of Apollo and the surrounding archaeological site at Portara. Although Portara is listed as being part of Naxos, it’s actually a separate island that is accessible by a causeway. The temple itself is actually unfinished, and is at the site that’s considered Apollo, the Greek god. Today, what remains of this site is open for visitors. To get even more from the experience, be sure to take a tour so that the guides will teach you about Apollo and his temple.

Go to the Beach

Part of the reason why Naxos is considered to be so beautiful is because of all the stunning beaches! Many of the beaches on the southwest coast are sandy and are absent of the pebbles that characterize some of the other beaches.  The best beaches include Plaka, Agios Prokopios, and Mikra Vigia, which are also considered a world-class windsurfing destination.

Visit the Naxos Archaeological Museum

If you would like to know more about Naxos’s ancient past, the Archaeological Museum is the place for you! Even though you do get a bit of an overview at the archaeological site at the Temple of Apollo, this museum goes more in depth and has several impressive artifacts on display. Though most of the displays talk about the island itself, there’s also some information about the history in the rest of Greece.

Learn at the Domus Venetian Museum

Over the centuries, several different ethnic groups have occupied Naxos. When the Venetians were here, they brought with them their architectural style, as is the case with this grand home, which housed a Venetian family for around 800 years. Today, it’s the site of the Domus Venetian Museum, which will give you the chance to view a diverse range of artifacts and historical objects from the Cycladic times to the Victorian Era. Perhaps the most impressive thing to gaze at, however, is the home itself. Overall, it’s a great learning experience.

Experience the Greek Culture

Like most places in Greece, Naxos has a distinct culture. While here, you won’t want to miss out on the chance to listen to traditional music or sample some traditional fare. Be sure to drink some local wine, eat freshly caught seafood, and in general, enjoy the many eating and drinking establishments on the island. There are also plenty of places to shop for traditional Greek goods and also take in some of the amazing nightlife.

Naxos offers visitors the perfect escape. Whether enjoying the beauty or doing something a little more active, there’s truly something for everyone.

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