The Nightlife In Gouves Will Have You Coming Back For More

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The town of Gouves can be found on the beautiful Greek island of Crete, and there are plenty of reasons why this hidden gem is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.

The nightlife in Gouves is one of the best on the island, as there are several bars and clubs to choose from when you are your guests are ready to have a memorable night. If you are on a mission to have a great night with great people, Greek flaggreat drinks and great music, here are the bars that you need to check out while you are in Gouves.

Milena Dance Bar: Hey, it says it right there in the name! Milena Dance Bar is the perfect choice if you’re looking to burn up the dance floor on a Friday night. It doesn’t get too crowded here on weeknights, but on weekends the party people come out to play at Milena Dance Bar. The drinks are reasonably priced, and they make one hell of a piña colada, while their mojitos aren’t too far off.

Mojito Dance Club: This bar is a really popular choice among the locals, which should tell you all you need to know about the quality of the drinks and the atmosphere. The locals are really friendly and welcoming, and so is the staff at Mojito Dance Club. If you’re a big fan of Raki and Oouzo, this is the bar to order up. Not only is the Raki here some of the best that you’ll ever have, but the staff loves serving their customers drinks directly to their mouth! The dance music here is excellent, and it makes for a really fun atmosphere with how enthusiastic and lively the staff is, too.

Wembley Pub Sports Cafe: So maybe you’re in the mood to have a few drinks, but dance music and the club scene isn’t for you. Head on over to Wembley Pub Sports Cafe, and they’ll take great care of you and your guests. At this bar, they love their customers and hate empty glasses. So much so that the second your drink needs a refill, you’ll have it right in front of you before you even realize that your drink was empty. If you’re a big sports fan, this is where you’ll end up watching all of the big games, as Wembley Pub Sports Cafe has a bunch of televisions and even a large projector screen.

Anfield Bar: Their motto is, “You’ll never drink alone”, and perhaps that’s because it’s absolutely true. If you end up at Anfield Bar, we can just about guarantee that you will never drink alone, due to the fact that this is one of the most popular bars in Gouves. This bar has a really fun, yet local atmosphere, and they’ve got all of the major sports leagues covered on all of their televisions. Name a sport; they’ve got it on a TV somewhere. The drinks are almost as great as the hosts, who have the great reputation of treating their customers like family.

Baraki Bar: It’s a close call amongst tourists on who wears the crown for Best Bar In Gouves between Anfield Bar and Baraki Bar, but they are both excellent choices if you get the opportunity to visit both. Baraki bar is a great place to come to relax and grab a drink. You’ll often be able to hear live music here, plenty of sports on the TV, and the patrons are usually good for an interesting conversation. The staff here is top notch, and does a marvelous job of tending to their customers, while helping to create the relaxed and laid back environment that Baraki Bar is known for.

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