Why You Should Visit the Island of Serifos Greece

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Serifos island.Cyclades,GreeceGreece is filled with beautiful islands with stunning scenery but not every island is created equally. Each has its own unique appeal and everything from the cuisine to the landscape can differ, making each island worth a visit.

On Serifos, you are treated to a small Greek island that is big on heart. After all, legend states that this is where Danae and Perseus arrived after floating in the sea for some time and they settled here for a while. This is where Perseus grew up, but this is all the island is about!

Ruggedly Beautiful Island

Legend aside, the thing that truly sets this Greek island apart is the rugged beauty. Much of the island is unspoiled, which means that visitors get a taste of what the real Greece looks like, not the ones that the tourists expect. Life is simple here and the people carve their living out of the very earth and sea that define the physical landscape. It is also here where the mountains seem to spring from the sea itself, giving the island an ethereal quality. Much of your time on Serifos will be spent gazing at the landscape and finding ways to enjoy it, whether sitting on the beach, hiking through the hills, or taking in the view on your hotel’s balcony.

Where Past Meets Present

This is also an island that has had a rich past – but it isn’t defined by that past. Everywhere you turn, there seems to be a remnant of another time. Some of the past dots the landscape, such as the old style windmills and some of the older homes in the villages. The island was also big on mining, but that time is past. Remnants of the old mining culture can be found as well. However, that’s not all Serifos is about – it’s a modern island with all the modern conveniences, but it still maintains some of the old charm. For a taste of the modern life, visit Hora, the capital city. It’s not a bustling metropolis, but it does have a modernized, quaint charm.

Rugged Beach Culture

Serifos is also an island that is perfect for those who adore the beach. Because some of the mountains are so close to the shore, it gives the coastline a rugged appearance. Besides sunbathing, the beach is also a great launching point for divers and is a popular haven for those who love to catch a glimpse of undersea life. Among the beaches that are worth a visit include Vaya Beach, Ganema Beach, and Livadakia Beach. If you want to dive, visit the Serifos Scuba Divers for equipment rentals, tours, and even lessons. Besides enjoying nature, there is also a nightlife on Serifos, as well as plenty of restaurants and tavernas to give you a taste of the culture.

As you can see, there are plenty of things to do on Serifos, but it is also a very relaxing island to pass the time. Whether you enjoy the beautiful scenery or eat a meal in one of the tavernas, this will be an unforgettable adventure.


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