Advice for Buying the Wedding Rings

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The wedding band is an important part of the Greek Orthodox marriage ceremony during the part of the ceremony called the Exchange of the Rings. Aside from that, the rings are a symbol of the couple’s devotion to one another. In the United States, it is also customary for the man to present the woman with an engagement ring when he asks her to marry him. In Greece, this custom isn’t normally a part of the wedding traditions.

Regardless of which tradition you choose, you do need to take the time to select the best rings. Here is some advice you can follow to help you choose the wedding rings, regardless of if you decide to buy an engagement ring or not.

Buying an Engagement Ring

Have you decided to present her with an engagement ring when you propose? Well, buying the right ring can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know what her style is. In general, you will want to find a way to buy a ring that balances her personal style with your budget. To do this, it may take a while to find the rings that will not only make her happy, but also represent who you are as a couple.

When buying a diamond ring, though, you certainly want to find the highest quality stone that is within your budget. These days, rings about more than just color, cut, and clarity. Women are looking for a ring that matches their personal styles. If your girlfriend expects an engagement ring, be sure to know what her style actually is. To do this, you can either ask her or take her to the jewelry store to try on the rings herself.

Selecting the Wedding Bands

The Greek Orthodox Church doesn’t have strict requirements as to what kind of wedding band to purchase. Even though it is the tradition for it to be made from a precious metal such as gold or platinum, it isn’t a requirement. Still, many couples still decide to make their rings extra special by choosing those with unique touches. Some ideas include:

  • Personalizing the inside of the rings with a special message, such as the date of the wedding.
  • Honoring your Greek heritage by selecting rings with a Grecian flare, such as those with the classic Greek key pattern.
  • Choosing rings with special style embellishments, such as precious stones.

However, feel free to use your own creativity. Some couples even like to design the bands themselves or have them custom designed by a jewelry artist.

During the Wedding Ceremony

There are two main parts of the Greek wedding ceremony. These are the the Exchange of the Rings and the Crowning. For the ring exchange, the Koumbaros or Koumbara exchanges the rings from one hand to the other according to the priest’s instructions. Because this part of the ceremony is so important, many couples opt to buy rings that are unique.

There’s nothing wrong with buying a simple wedding band. They very fact that they will be part of your wedding ceremony makes them special. Not only that, but they are a visual reminder of the couple’s commitment to each other.

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