Lounge at Kamara Beach on Santorini

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Because Santorini is actually a dormant volcano, much of the island is too high up in order to have an accessible beach. Most of the villages are located on top of the volcano’s rim, but there are still some places that you can reach that are close to the shore.

Kamara Beach is one of those places that are worth visiting. Kamara means “pride and joy,” and that is what the residents and businesses feel about their area not only because of its excellent location. For those on Santorini craving a beach experience, it is the perfect place to visit. Here’s more information:

Getting to Kamara Beach

Before you can actually get to Kamara Beach, you need to first make your way to Santorini. To do that, you can either take a ferry or a flight, depending on where you originate. Most people find that traveling by plane is a convenient option, but that the ferry can be a fun, traditional experience. Make sure that if you do take a flight, you have transportation arranged for you at the airport. There is a limit as to how many taxis are allowed on the island due to environmental concerns.

Once you arrive on the island, you can make your way to the resort of Kamara where the beach is located. To give you a from of reference, Kamara Beach is about ten kilometers south of Fira, the capital city of the island. There are some nearby resorts to Kamara Beach but you can easily reach it when you stay close to Oia or Fira. It is actually the perfect day trip.

What to Do in Kamara

Kamara is far from the typical Greek beach. As is the case for most of the beaches on the island, Kamara shows evidence of volcanic activity because of its black sand. Thousands of years ago, lava hardened and eventually turned into sand so that beachgoers today could enjoy it. It may look pretty, but the sand does pose some complications when trying to walk. The dark color absorbs the heat from the sun and it can burn your feet. Be sure to wear shoes while walking!

The main thing to do on this beach is to sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful weather. There are sun beds ands umbrellas to rent that will make your stay here especially enjoyable. The water is crystal blue and pretty for both gazing at and for swimming. Because of how beautiful the beach is, it does get crowded during peak tourist season but that won’t be too much of an issue of come early enough to reserve your spot.

You also might want to consider traveling a little off peak in May, September, or October. The weather is still great for the beach but there won’t be as many people. Since the beach is organized there are also facilities here to make your stay even more enjoyable.

Because of the unique geography of Santorini, there actually aren’t as many beaches here as there are on some of the islands. That shouldn’t stop you from visiting! Kamara Beach is worth the trip.

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