Greek Cooking

Top Traditional Greek Recipes

There are so many delicious foods that encompass Greek cuisine, it can be hard to choose what the favorites are. Each region of Greece has a slightly different cuisi... Read More

Top Greek Pita Recipes

Nothing says “Greek food” like a delicious pita! We all know about spanakopita, also known as Greek spinach pie, and tiropita, Greek cheese pie. However,... Read More

Best Gyro Variations to Try

There are two schools of thought when it comes to gyros. Purists believe that only a certain combination of ingredients is acceptable. You start with gyro meat that ... Read More

Top Greek Soup Recipes to Make

Greeks tend to eat soup year round despite what the weather may be. Depending on the season, however, the ingredients could change. For example, Margaritsa is really... Read More

Best Greek Lamb Recipes to Enjoy

Lamb is one of the most important and essential ingredients in Greek cuisine. Its reputation has even made its why into pop culture. In My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Au... Read More

Best Greek Chicken Recipes

There are a lot of facets to Greek cuisine, but one of the things that sets it apart is its devotion to choosing only the freshest ingredients. It also has... Read More

Best Greek Vegetable Dishes

Although we may think that Greek cuisine is all about its meat dishes, such as souvlaki, gyros, and any dish that includes lamb, a trip to Greece will be enough... <... Read More

Top Healthy Greek Recipes

Greek cuisine is known for being one of the healthiest in the world. This means that there is no shortage of healthy and delicious foods to eat. It follows the... Read More

Top Recipes that Use Avgolemono

Most of us associated Avgolemono with the delicious chicken soup that is a staple for so many Greeks, especially those living in the United States. However, Avgolemo... Read More

Our Favorite Greek Beef Recipes

Beef isn’t the most popular meat in Greece, but it can be found occasionally. However, beef is found abundantly in other countries throughout the world, such a... Read More

Best Greek Pasta Dishes to Try

Although we don’t associate Greek food with pasta, it is an integral part of the cuisine. Pasta is a common ingredient in many Greek dishes, and each of these ... Read More

Best Greek Seafood Dishes to Try

Given that the country of Greece has so much coastline, it makes sense that seafood is an incredibly common part of the cuisine. Seafood here is ultra fresh, and the... Read More

Top Greek Wine Brands to Try

Wine has been produced in Greece for thousands of years,. In fact, the Ancient Greeks even had a god, Dionysius, who was associated with wine. However, in recent his... Read More

Best Greek Recipes for Summer

Greek cuisine is based on only the freshest of ingredients. Greeks live close to the land, and there are many places in the country that are self sustaining. As a...... Read More

Top Greek Coffee Brands to Drink

Coffee is an integral part of the Greek culture. Many Greeks drink caffeinated beverages, such as hot Greek coffee and Greek frappes (usually served cold), on a dail... Read More

History of Baklava

Most of us know that baklava is a beloved and popular Greek dessert. Sheets of phyllo are layered with a nut and sugar mixture and then baked to perfection. The... <... Read More

All About Breakfast in Greece

It is well known that the biggest meal of the day in Greece occurs much later in the day, usually in the afternoon. However, that doesn’t mean that Greeks don&... Read More

What Taramosalata Really Is

People who live outside of Greece may not realize that there are several different types of taramosalata out there. It is possible to find a store bought version, bu... Read More

The Art of Real Greek Saganaki

In Greece, frying up a batch of saganaki, or fried cheese, is a real art. The perfect batch consists of cubes or thick slices of cheese that have been fried perfec... Read More

Greek Art of Curing Olives

Greece has the ideal climate for growing olives and as a result of that, they have been part of the culinary tradition in the country since antiquity. Whether they a... Read More

Elements of a Real Greek Meal

When talking about a country’s cuisine, it isn’t enough to simply list some of the popular ingredients and dishes and think that you truly understand. Ye... Read More

What is a Greek Taverna?

There are many types of eating establishments in Greece, but none are as iconic as the taverna. When people first visit Greece, they often use the words “taver... Read More

Grains Used in Greek Cooking

When most of us think about the grains that are used in Greek cooking, we mostly think of the rice dishes, breads, and forms of pasta that are typically used... Read More

Cooking Methods Used in Greece

When cooking Greek food here in the United States, we use the resources that are available to us. For most of us, that means we most commonly use our stovetops,... <... Read More

What to Know About Dolmades

Growing up in a Greek American family, I always assumed that dolmades were made with grape leaves. We actually have grapes growing on our property, which I assumed ... Read More

Don’t Forget About Capers!

When people are asked to name the most popular ingredients in Greek cooking, most people don’t even mention the humble caper. In reality, capers have been a pa... Read More

All About Greek Soups

Soup has a special place on the Greek dinner table because to the Greek people, it is an important part of the dining ritual. In fact, it often receives the honor..... Read More

How is Your Gyro Served?

On a recent trip to Greece, I quickly realized that everything I thought I knew about Gyros was wrong. While I had thought that they were always made the same... Read More

How to Pick Your Own Greens

When visiting Greece, one thing that really stands out is the close relationship that most people have to the land. Nowhere is this more obvious than in self-suffici... Read More

Art of Working with Filo Dough

When I was a child, I knew of only one way to work with filo. Whenever we would make dishes such as tiropita, spanakopita, or baklava, we would usually do... Read More

How to Make Greek Wine at Home

Do you know someone who makes his own wine at home? Whether you have your own grape vines in your back yard, you source the grapes, or you simply use grape... Read More

It’s Not Meat It’s Lamb!

By far, meat is one of the most popular meats in Greek cuisine. Sure, the Greek people have been known to eat other meats, such as pork and even goats,... Read More

What is Greek Tea?

Herbs grow abundantly in the Greek countryside, perfuming the air with their aromas. Villagers, baskets in hand, wander from one cluster of herbs to the other, picki... Read More

What to Know About Greek Beer

When you think of Greek food and drink, chances are pretty good that beer won’t even come to mind. Yet, Greek beer does exist and it’s a fairly common be... Read More

Using Meat in Greek Cooking

Back in the 1950’s, researchers discovered that the traditional Cretan diet was amongst the healthiest in the world. The islanders experienced great health by ... Read More

Why Are Greek Fries Special?

One of the things I remember most about my yiayia, or grandmother, are the potatoes that she peeled almost constantly, many of which became her signature French frie... Read More

The Art of Greek Family Dining

As a Greek American, I’ve been eating in the Greek style all my life. After spending some time dining with my non-Greek friends, I realized that the family din... Read More

What is Greek Pizza?

In Greece, pizza isn’t actually a common part of the cuisine. Sure, you can find some Italian-style restaurants, particularly in the cities. But pizza isn̵... Read More

The Art of Greek Fried Bread

Since olive oil is so abundant in Greece, it makes perfect sense that fried bread is such a popular food. There are a few different ways to prepare it, and... Read More

Popular Sauces in Greek Cuisine

Greek food is simple fare but it’s far from boring. One thing that sets this cuisine apart is its artful use of sauces. Greek cooks use sauces in such a subt... Read More

The Amazing Greek Olive Tree

The olive tree is one of the most iconic trees in the Greek culture; it has been an important part of Greek culture since ancient times. In fact, the olive... Read More

Why Horta is So Good For You?

One of the most interesting things about traditional Greek cooking is that nothing goes to waste. In the United States, most of us have no idea that the wild plants... Read More

Using Almonds in Greek Cooking

Did you know that almonds are very common in Greek cooking? As an American of Greek descent, I actually didn’t have a lot of exposure to the nut until I... Read More

All About Greek Wine

After spending a day shopping and sightseeing on your stay in Greece, you’re looking forward to your meal at the restaurant overlooking the ocean. You find a t... Read More

An Overview of Greek Olive Oil

Greece is known as one of the best producers of olive oil in the world! In fact, at the world renowned New York International Olive Oil Awards, nineteen of Greece... Read More

All About Greek Salad Dressing

Have you ever noticed that no matter where you are, there seems to be a different version of Greek salad dressing out there? For those of us living in the... Read More

What To Know About Tsipouro

Tsipouro is another Greek liquor that you can drink. It is a type of pomace brandy and is one of those beverages that people in Greece love to sip when... Read More