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It is well known that the biggest meal of the day in Greece occurs much later in the day, usually in the afternoon. However, that doesn’t mean that Greeks don’t find it important. They do eat breakfast, even if the meal is small. In fact, they understand that breakfast is important because it helps get the day started. So, how do Greeks approach breakfast? What do they eat? The truth is, there is a high variety of what occurs when it comes to breakfast. Here’s more information:

What is Breakfast in Greece?

It’s true that the Greeks consider breakfast to be an important meal, but there is a wide variety of foods they choose to eat. This includes food like bread, cheese, olive’s fruit, pastry, eggs, and yogurt. They also tend to drink Greek coffee with their breakfast. However, they don’t seem to have a single ‘national’ breakfast food. Different areas of the country have developed their creative touch to their food such that each region has its style and unique taste. It also depends on the time of year and what’s available for food because Greeks focus on the seasonality of foods when they eat, and also on personal preferences.

What Do Greeks Eat for Breakfast?

Are you wondering what Greeks eat for breakfast? Here’s a look at some of the possibilities:

Baked Goods

Greeks regular include bread and other baked goods with their breakfast, or they may even choose to eat this by itself with a bit of cheese and some olives. Greeks often choose from eliopsomo, or olive oil bread, as well as other types of breads that have other been baked from scratch or purchased from the bakery. Besides pairing it with cheese or olives, Greeks often top their bread with jam, butter, honey, and even olive oil.


Eggs are a great choice for breakfast and there are several ways that they can be prepared, such as hard boiled, fried, made into an omelet or scramble, or even cooked with fresh tomatoes. Topping it up with feta makes it even more delicious. Onions or tomatoes are a great addition to increase the flavor.

Yogurt with Honey

Greek yogurt is healthy and satisfying, and it also pairs well with honey to make a great breakfast. You can also top this with chopped, fresh nuts. This is a fairly common breakfast food, but also note that it is possible to eat this dish later on in the day as a dessert.


Pitas of all types are a popular choice for breakfast, especially if you are on the go. Tiropita (cheese pita), Hortopita (pita with wild greens), Kreatopita (pita with meat), and Prasspopita (pita with leeks) are all fairly common. Bakeries and cafes throughout Greece serve this and it makes for a delicious and portable breakfast. It is also a great snack!

Spoon Sweets

Typically, coffee and spooned sweets are a great combination. It usually involves boiling fruits in syrup and preserving them together. The fruits could be strawberries, lemons, oranges, or whatever else is in season. Spoon sweets offer a way for Greeks to preserve fruit when it is in season, and it goes great with breakfast.

Greek breakfasts are usually simple and packed with nutrients, but it isn’t necessarily the biggest meal of the day. These choices represent the most common choices for breakfast. Note that breakfast is always served with Greek coffee (made in a briki) or tea. However, tea is a little less common.

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