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Tsiftetelia Music Playlist

Tsifteteli is the name for the Greek Bellydance. This name comes from the Turkish word Chifteteli, which originally means “two strings”. Tsifteteli was mainly brought to Greece by the Asia Minor Greeks.  A typical modern tsifteteli music is not performed by a single belly dancer in a Rhine-stone costume, but by a number of dancers populating the dance floor, just like in a club!

Tsifteteli music is danced by men and women alike, in solo, couples and group formations. However, if you have been to Greece, you probably figured out that tsifteteli is the essential seducing female dance. Many women dance tsifteteli on the tables or bars trying to seduce and tantalize the men who are watching them, ready to fight for her eyes only! Tsifteteli is one of the most important and meaningful dances in Greek music and culture.  Also, learn how to dane the Tsiftetelia Greek dance here!

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