Greek Style Gyro Recipes

Recipe for Cajun Style Gyros

This variation doesn’t really resemble the original, traditional gyro sandwich, but it’s still fun to it! This could be worth a try if you want to do something d... Read More

Recipe for Fried Eggplant Gyros

Those who don’t eat meat will enjoy this vegetarian gyro that has been made with fried eggplant! You can also use fried zucchini in this gyro instead. Grilled Eggp... Read More

Recipe for Falafel Gyros

Falafel isn’t a traditional Greek ingredient, but it can taste great as a vegetarian version of the traditional gyro! Falafel Gyro Recipe Ingredients: 4 Greek pita... Read More

Recipe for Fried Fish Gyros

You don’t always need to make a gyro with meat! Consider using fried fish, instead. This is perfect fo those moments when you want to eat a gyro but you... Read More

Recipe for Greek Gyro Salad

In this recipe, traditional Gyro fillings are taken and placed on top of salad. You can use any salad that you want, such as a traditional village salad, or Horiatik... Read More

Recipe for Gyro-Topped Fries

Traditional gyros are made with traditional gyro meat, onions, tomatoes, tzatziki, and feta cheese and stuffed into a piece of Greek style pita bread. The gyro ingre... Read More

Recipe for Greek Meatball Gyros

Meatballs, known as keftedes in Greek, aren’t a traditional ingredient in gyros. However, it does make for a nice variation to try at home. If making the meat... Read More

10-Minute Greek Gyro Wraps

Greek gyros are usually made with a special pita bread. While this is certainly the traditional choice, sometimes you just want to do something different. Consider f... Read More

Recipe for Greek Pork Gyro

Pork is one of the most popular gyro meats that you can find on the market. When you buy gyros in Greece, chances are pretty good that the meat was... Read More

Recipe for Greek Lamb Gyros

Lamb is one of the most traditional meats to use in gyro meat. If you can find it, real lamb gyro meat is a treat! Lamb Gyro Recipe Ingredients: 4... Read More

Recipe for Greek Chicken Gyros

In some places, you can easily find gyro meat made from chicken. This can even be found as an option in some gyro shops in Greece! Chicken Gyro Recipe Ingredients:..... Read More

Recipe for Greek Beef Gyros

These traditional gyros are made with gyro meat that has been made from beef. This isn’t a common choice in Greece but gyro meat made from beef can be found... Read More

Recipe for Greek Gyro With Fries

There are those who believe that a gyro isn’t complete without some fries stuffed within! This recipe honors that tradition. It tastes so much better if you make t... Read More

Recipe for Burger Gyros

Although the traditional gyro is delicious as is, it can be fun to experiment with variations. The next time you make burgers, consider making this gyro variation in... Read More

Recipe for Cheeseburger Gyros

Using cheeseburgers in gyros definitely isn’t traditional, but it could be fun! Cheeseburger Gyro Recipe Ingredients: 4 Greek pita bread rounds 1 recipe Greek tzat... Read More

Recipe for Gyro Burritos

This gyro isn’t a traditional gyro but is rather a cross between a gyro and a burrito. It uses traditional gyro meat, some of the traditional Greek gyro ingredient... Read More

Recipe for Greek Salad Gyros

Although the traditional Greek gyro doesn’t usually contain salad, it is possible to find them prepared this way in restaurants. This is an easy variation to also ... Read More

Recipe for Gyros with Hummus

While tzatziki is the preferred sauce in traditional gyros, you can always substitute for hummus to try something different. Feel free to use any kind of hummus you ... Read More

Recipe for Souvlaki Gyros

Especially in Athens, it is fairly common to find the option to include souvlaki in a gyro instead of the traditional gyro meat. This is something you can easily mak... Read More

Recipe for Greek Gyro Plates

Greek gyro plates are a common alternative to the sandwich throughout Greece. You can also make them at home! Gyro Plate Recipe Ingredients: 2 Greek pita bread round... Read More