About Mykonos, Greece

According to Greek mythology, Mykonos Island was named after its first ruler (Mykonos), the son or grandson of Apollo. The island was the site of a battle between Zeus and Titans. It’s also said to be the location where Hercules killed invincible giants having been able to lure them away from Mount Olympus.

Mykonos Island’s nickname is “The Island of the Winds.” The island is known for its’ many windmills, which are a part of Mykonos landscape. While they can be found throughout the island, most of the windmills are found in Chora.

During the Roman Empire, Mykonos Island came under the control of the Romans. It then become part of the Byzantine Empire until the 12th century. With the fall of Constantinople in the Fourth Crusade in 1204, Mykonos Island was occupied by Andrea Ghisis. At the end of the 13th century, Mykonos Island was ravaged by the Catalans. In 1390, the island was given over to Venetian rule. In 1537, Mykonos Island was attacked by the admiral of Suleiman the Magnificent. An Ottoman fleet then established itself on the island and imposed a system of self-governance. Mykonos Island played a large role in the Greek Revolution against the Ottoman Empire in 1821. Manto Mavrogenous led the cause and sacrificed her family’s fortune for the cause. Her statue sits in the middle of the main town.

Peter (Petros) the Pelican is probably Mykonos Island’s most known celebrity. The original pelican was found after a storm in 1954 and he never left, becoming the official mascot of the island. He would wander around making an impression on both locals and tourists. After his death, his presence was missed and it became tradition to have another pelican as a resident on the island.

Administrative Region of Mykonos Island, Greece

South Aegean

Area of Mykonos Island, Greece

105.2 km2 (40.6 sq mi)

Population of Mykonos Island, Greece

10, 134

Top Attractions of Mykonos Island, Greece 

  • Kapari BeachThis small hidden beach is just north of Agios Ioannis. The perfect choice if you want to get away from the party atmosphere of other beaches on the island. This beach overlooks Delos, another island in the Cyclades group of islands.
  • Ornos VillageLocated just 4 km from Mykonos Town. A quiet place that features two beaches: Ornos Beach and Korfos Beach. Shops and restaurants can be found in the village.
  • Little VeniceA quaint area where fishing houses line the waterfront with their balconies handing over the sea. Some of these houses have been converted into cafes, bars, shops, and galleries. A romantic spot for watching the sunset.
  • Minima GalleryPerfect spot for the art lover. Minima Gallery is located in Goumenio Square in Mykonos Town. Paintings, mixed media, sculptures, and other types of artwork are featured.
  • Agios Stefanos BeachClosest beach to Mykonos Town. Family friendly beach that offers windsurfing, kayaking, and snorkeling. Plenty of tavernas and restaurants nearby to enjoy.
  • Folklore MuseumLocated next to the Paraportiani Orthodox Church in Chora. The museum opened in 1958 and features local artifacts including pottery, photos, and preserved cannons. Museum is house in an old sea captain’s house.
  • Panagia ParaportianiA unique-looking and popular church in Chora. The little white church is actually six churches built side by side. The oldest building was built in 1425.
  • Historical Municipal LibraryThe library is housed in the 18th century mansion of the Mavrogenous family. Houses over 8,000 volumes as well as 18th and 19th century coins, photographs, and documents. Museum is located in Ayia Kyriaki Square in Chora.
  • An ancient archaeological site located near Ftelia Beach – Excavations have revealed four levels each showcasing a different aspect of life on Mykonos. One of the most interesting finds is an ancient tomb thought to have the Ajax.
  • Gyzi CastleThe ruins of Gyzi Castle are approximately 8 km from Mykonos Town. The castle is perched on a hill that overlooks Ano Mera. In the same area you will also find a small church from the 18th century to explore.


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