Outdoor Sports to Enjoy on the Island of Mykonos

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When thinking about visiting the Greek islands, Mykonos is one of the first that comes to mind. It is most well-known for its party atmosphere, but the truth is that there is a lot more to the island than that. Not every beach has a party atmosphere and the scenery on the island makes it ideal for pursuing various outdoor sports. Even if you don’t pursue outdoor sports your whole time, you should try at least one of these activities during your stay. Here’s more information on what you can do:

Sailing and Boating

Like many Greek islands, there is a sailing and boating culture here on Mykonos. There are two ways that you can enjoy sailing here. First, you can take a guided sailing tour around the island through one of the private yachting and sailing companies. Another way you can enjoy sailing is to do all the work yourself by renting a sailboat if you know what you’re doing or taking sailing lessons if you don’t know how to sail. Mykonos is known for its beautiful sunshine, crystal blue water, and effective winds which means that the conditions are nearly perfect for sailing. You can also rent other, smaller boats to take around the island, such as kayaks, small motorized boats, and even larger yachts.

Windsurfing and Kayaking

As evidenced by all the windmills on this island, Mykonos is known for having great winds at some of their beaches. This means that sports such as windsurfing and kayaking are incredibly popular. The winds, called meltemia in Greek, are pretty consistent and blow over Mykonos through most of the summer. People from all over the world come here to enjoy these two sports, especially since they know that the wind will be fairly consistent. The best beaches to do these sports include Kalafatis Beach, Korfos Beach, Ornos Beach and Platis Gialos.

Scuba Diving

Mykonos is also a great island for those who love to scuba dive. Not only that, but there are dive centers on the island, such as Dive Adventures by Paradise Beach and the Mykonos Diving Center, also by Paradise Beach, that cater to divers of all levels. Experienced divers can rent equipment and explore the waters themselves or hire a guide. Beginner and intermediate divers can take classes and take guided expeditions through the waters. The benefit of having a guide is that he or she will take you to all the best underwater spots so you will be sure not to miss anything.

Water Sports

Mykonos is also a great place for other water sports, such as jet skiing, water skiing, tubing, and more. If you don’t have your own equipment, you’ll want to head to Kalafatis and the Kalafatis Watersports business that is located there. You can rent equipment, get instructions, and in general enjoy these unique sports while visiting the island.

While visiting the island of Mykonos, you can spend your time doing a variety of activities. While you will no doubt enjoy the nightlife, see the sites, eat great food, and enjoy the beach, you can also participate in something more active by enjoying these outdoor sports.

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