Greek Cheese List

About the Greek Cheese Feta

One of the most well-known cheeses of Greece is feta. Feta has been made in Greece for thousands of years and may have even been described by Homer in Odyssey.... Read More

About the Greek Cheese Sfela

Sfela is a semi-hard, off-white Greek cheese that is made from sheep’s milk, goat’s milk or a combination of the two. This cheese is matured and stored i... Read More

About the Greek Cheese Batzos

Batzos Greek cheese is produced using sheep’s milk, goat’s milk, or a combination of both. This semi-hard to hard cheese is white to yellow in color and ... Read More

About the Greek Cheese Anevato

Anevato was first produced in Western Macedonia by local shepherds. They would rennet the goat’s milk in the morning and leave the curd to rise during the day.... Read More

About the Greek Cheese Manouri

Manouri Greek cheese is produced in Western and Central Macedonia and Thessaly. This semi-soft white cheese is made from sheep or goat’s milk whey, which is dr... Read More

About the Greek Cheese Formaela

Formaela Greek cheese is produced exclusively in Arachova, Greece. In 1996, was given PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) status. It is made from sheep’s mil... Read More