Greek Christening Traditions

Planning a Greek christening can be time consuming and challenging for parents and god parents. Understanding all of the Greek baptism traditions is a very important part of planning a Greek baptism in the Greek Orthodox church.  In this section you will find helpful Greek christening tips and information about how to plan a Greek christening, everything from choosing god parents, finding a reception venue, selecting christening favors and much more!

Silver Greek Christening Gifts

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Greek Christening Etiquette FAQ

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Unique Greek Christening Gifts

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Greek Christening Gifts for Boys

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Should You Become a Godparent?

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Greek Christening Cake Ideas

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Selecting the Christening Cross

When preparing the items for your child’s baptism, one of the things that are needed, is a gold cross and accompanying chain for the baby. Traditionally, the godpa... Read More

Planning the Greek Christening

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Greek Christening Favor Ideas

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Baptism vs. Chrismation

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Greek Baptism Gifts for Girls

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How to Plan a Greek Baptism

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