Reasons for Getting Baptized as an Adult

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When most of us think of Greek Orthodox Christenings we basically assume that the person being christened will be a child. However, this isn’t always the case. There are some circumstances that will require an adult to be baptized. Here is a summary of some of the more common scenarios.

Baptized in Water, In the Name of the Holy TrinityBaptism

The very first thing your priest will do before deciding on a course of action is to determine if you have been baptized in another Christian faith and if so, whether or not it was in the Name of the Holy Trinity and in water.

From there, he will help you determine if you will need to be baptized again. Since there are many different Christian groups, this is the best way to determine if it is necessary to get baptized again.

Getting Baptized for the First Time

One of the most straightforward reasons to be baptized as an adult in the Orthodox Christian Church is if you were never baptized in the first place. In order to become part of the Greek Orthodox faith you will need to have a Christening in order to fully participate.

Please consult with an Orthodox Christian priest to discuss your desire to become a practicing Orthodox Christian and he will help you determine your next steps. Possible scenarios include if you are becoming a Christian from another world religion such as Buddhism, realizing you were never baptized as a child, and becoming an Orthodox Christian after participating in another Christian faith, such as Protestantism.

Converting to Orthodox Christianity

If you want to convert to Orthodox Christianity, getting baptized is only a small part of it. Once you make the decision to convert, you should contact an Orthodox Christian priest in your area. He will have a conversation with you to get to know you and give you some information so you can learn about the Orthodox Church and the faith.

Plan to meet with your priest several times over the course of a few months. The goal is to learn as much as you can about Orthodox Christianity so that you can effectively participate. Once he determines you are ready to convert, he will map out a schedule where you will participate in the sacraments, including baptism.

Preparing for Baptism

Remember that preparation for getting baptized is the same for all ages. You’ll need a godparent who is an Orthodox Christian in good standing. The priest will need all the required items for the ceremony. Finally, the person being baptized will need to meet all the requirements. The priest will help determine what these requirements are.

Everyone has his own reasons for being baptized in the Orthodox Christian Church. Some people convert to Orthodoxy because their spouse or fiancé is Orthodox and they want their family to be unified in their faith. Other people join for personal reasons. Usually, they feel as if something is missing in their lives and feel that Orthodoxy is what they are looking for. No matter what your reason, consult with an Orthodox Priest to discuss your situation.

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