Greek Wedding Traditions

Planning a Greek wedding can be time consuming and challenging. Understanding all of the Greek wedding traditions is a very important part of planning a Greek wedding.  In this section you will find helpful Greek wedding tips and information about how to plan a Greek wedding, everything from planning a bachelor or bachelorette party, selecting a wedding reception venue, finding a wedding dress, choosing a Greek band or DJ and much more!

Old-Fashioned Greek Wedding Customs

Are you and your fiancé looking to have a Greek Orthodox wedding? Learns some of the more traditional Greek wedding traditions and incorporate them into your engagement and ceremony today! Read More

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Planning a Summer Greek Wedding

Are you planning a summer Greek wedding? There are certain things that need to get done no matter which time of year you get married. You’ll need to secure the... ... Read More

Engagement Traditions in Greece

In both the United States and in Greece, the engagement period basically represents two people’s commitments to spend the rest of their lives together. If you are ... Read More

Edible Greek Wedding Favors

There are many traditions associated with Greek weddings. One of them is to give guests a wedding favor that they can take home and enjoy well after the festivities ... Read More

No Vows in a Greek Wedding?

Have you noticed that there are no vows in the Greek Orthodox marriage ceremony? When weddings are portrayed in popular culture, such as in movies or popular televis... Read More

Choosing a Wedding Theme

Weddings can be fun to plan. As a Greek Orthodox Christian you are presented with a wonderful opportunity to share the Sacrament of Marriage with your guests and to ... Read More

Greek Wedding Guest Etiquette

So, you’re invited to a Greek wedding. Now what? Well, the answer depends on a variety of factors. Several factors will determine how you should behave, such as if... Read More

Planning Your Bachelorette Party

If you are a Greek getting married in the United States in the Greek Orthodox Church, you are bound to adopt some of the American traditions. One tradition that does... Read More

Inexpensive Greek Wedding Favors

It is no secret that weddings can be expensive and Greek weddings are no exception. Saving money wherever you can, such as on the wedding favors, is an excellent way... Read More

Greek Wedding Gift Traditions

Greek weddings are rich in tradition and are usually large, celebratory affairs that begin with a traditional ceremony in a Greek Orthodox Church. Is this your first... Read More

How to Choose the Wedding DJ

So, your Greek wedding is nearly planned. You’ve finally decided to have a DJ and not a wedding band. Now, all you need to do is select the right one... Read More

Planning a Greek Bridal Shower

Throwing a bridal shower with a Greek theme is a great way to celebrate your heritage. There are two basic things to consider when planning the bridal shower. First,... Read More

How to Choose Your Stefana

During the Greek Orthodox marriage ceremony, there is a section that is called “The Crowning”. During this part, crowns, called stefana, that are joined with a s... Read More

How to Choose Your Wedding Party

Are you getting married in the Greek Orthodox Church? If so, you will need to choose your wedding party. In Greece, it isn’t customary to have a large wedding part... Read More