Edible Greek Wedding Favors

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Edible Wedding Favors

There are many traditions associated with Greek weddings. One of them is to give guests a wedding favor that they can take home and enjoy well after the festivities are over. At most Greek weddings, guests are given koufeta, which are candy-covered almonds that represent happiness, health, longevity, fertility, and wealth.

However, some couples don’t feel as if the koufeta is quite enough. So, they opt to include an additional favor. Here are some ideas for edible wedding favors that will help your guests remember your big day.

Unique Koufeta Favors

Distributing koufeta bundles as favors is a time-honored tradition for a Greek wedding. Normally, the candies are placed in bundles of decorative mesh tied with a ribbon. However, they don’t need to be this simple.

You can actually be creative with how the koufeta is packaged and you don’t need to be limited by tradition. For example, if your wedding theme is the popular movie, Frozen, you can bundle the koufeta with character figurines from the movie. You can also pair the koufeta with other edibles such as chocolates.

Chocolate Wedding Favors

Chocolate is a classic and elegant candy that makes for a perfect wedding favor. You can even purchase small boxes of chocolate that have been designed and packaged just for weddings. It is also possible to personalize the boxes with information from the wedding such as the name of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding.

Personalized Candies

You can not only personalize the boxes that the candy comes in, you can also purchase candies that have the wedding information stamped right on them. For example, you can buy chocolate truffles, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate bars, and other candies that have been personalized. There are several companies that will put your information on the candy for a fee.

Greek Themed Edible Favors

Another fun novelty is to provide your guests with a favor made up of Greek themed food products. This includes small bottles of Greek wine, Greek herbs and spices such as Greek oregano, olive oil, and authentic Greek candies. This is a nice way to share a big part of the Greek culture with your wedding guests.

Cake Pops

Cake pops are all the rage.This is essentially cake that has been mixed with icing, formed into shapes, placed on a lollipop stick, and dipped in chocolate. You can make cake pops in pretty much any shape. Wedding themed cake pops are a cute idea for an edible wedding favor.

Most of these edible favor ideas can be packaged up with the traditional koufeta. Normally, a shop will place the candied almonds in a mesh bag in odd numbered amounts. The bag is normally tied off with a white ribbon.

You can attach a monogrammed bar of chocolate, wedding themed cake pop, or any other favor to the bag to make the favor extra unique. As you can see, edible wedding favors are a nice way to give your guests a memento from your wedding they will truly enjoy.

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