Greek Music

Top 20 Greek Music Hits Playlist Top 20 Greek Hits is back! Powered by KefiFM Greek Radio, you can now hear the most popular Greek songs in Greece right at your fingertips. KefiFM and have partnered together on previous projects, and it only seemed natural to collaborate.

So, sit back and enjoy this top 20 list! To hear more, click below to stream Live from any device. The KefiFM app is available in the app stores.

Enjoy! – Kαλή Διασκέδαση!

KefiFM is a 24×7 Greek Radion Station


A radio station that connects old and new should be fresh, intelligent, and fun, just like its listeners. At KefiFM, we celebrate Greek culture every day, playing music for all generations and genres. Our playlist includes elements of Greek Hits, Laïká, Éntekhna, and Throwbacks.

You’ll also hear shows that are local and from Greece to entertain you, and share insights on events and topics. We believe that a community comes together when we share life’s simple joys; music and conversation with “Kefi!”.