Ideas for Selecting Greek Wedding Flowers

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Ideas for Selecting Greek Wedding FlowersFlowers make a great addition to your Greek wedding. The same holds true no matter if your wedding is held in Greece, the United States, or anywhere else in the world. In fact, the first known use of incorporating fresh flowers during a wedding ceremony is credited to the Greeks. The bride’s attendants would fashion a garland of flowers for the bride to wear during the ceremony.

As you can see, this tradition has not only remained but has crossed over to many different cultures. Brides today consider this a necessity as they search for the perfect flowers for the wedding party, to decorate the church, and to adorn the function hall.

Even brides that have a simple wedding make sure they at least have a floral bouquet to hold. Here are some tips that can help you find the best flowers for your Greek Orthodox Wedding.

Deciding If You Even Want Flowers

So, where do you want the flowers exactly? From a Greek Orthodox religious standpoint, flowers aren’t necessary at all. So, if you need to save money or you are having a wedding with a limited guest list, you may omit the flowers entirely. Flowers may have been a part of the Greek wedding ceremony since Ancient Greece, but they are not a requirement. They are simply a tradition.

Where to Place the Flowers

Once you do decide that you want flowers, your next step is to figure out exactly where you want them. Here are some suggestions.

  • Bridal party. It is traditional for the bride and her attendants, including her koumbara, to hold a floral bouquet.
  • Wedding party. The rest of the wedding party not asked to hold a bouquet may be asked to wear a floral bracelet or a boutonniere.
  • Flower girl. Some weddings have a flower girl whose purpose is to spread flowers on the floor just before the bride steps toward the altar.
  • Church. Flowers make a beautiful addition to the church ceremony.
  • Reception. You can place flowers in the reception hall as a decoration. Often, flowers from the church are transferred to the reception hall after the ceremony is complete. Floral centerpieces are also a nice touch.

What’s Your Budget?

Another factor when deciding on your wedding flowers is how much money you can designate for that purpose. If your budget is fairly limited, you will have to a find a way to balance your desires with the money that you need to spend.

If you spend money on little else, reserving cash for the bridal bouquet is a nice touch. Additionally, you can find ways to save money. These include shopping around until you find a florist with reasonable prices and selecting less expensive flowers.

Remember that you can make your wedding flowers as simple or as complicated as you would like. If you have the budget for as many flowers as you want, your only concern is to buy the ones you really like. Remember that even though flowers are a beautiful wedding tradition, they are not required for the Greek Orthodox Wedding Ceremony.

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