Engagement Traditions in Greece

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Engagement TraditionsIn both the United States and in Greece, the engagement period basically represents two people’s commitments to spend the rest of their lives together. If you are engaged, you are no doubt excited at the prospect to be with your fiance for the rest of your life. This is a time to prepare yourselves for spending the rest of your lives together.

Learning about the engagement traditions in Greece is a great way to stay in touch with your traditional roots. While enjoying your time together, you can also embrace your Greek heritage by incorporating these important customs from Greece.

Asking Her Father for Permission

In traditional Greek households, it is important for the man to ask his girlfriend’s father for permission to marry. This is out of respect for the woman’s family. Once her father consents, the man is now free to propose. Asking her father for her hand in marriage is also a way for the bride’s family to begin to get to know the groom. However, whether or not she will say yes is completely up to her.

Why Engagement is Important

There are several reasons why engagement is important. First of all, it allows for the couple to prepare to spend their lives together. This includes anything from setting up their household to making the arrangements for the wedding ceremony itself. It is also a time where the two families can get to know one another.

Traditional Bridal Dowry

Another important part of the engagement period in Greece is the bride’s dowry. Traditionally, the dowry is items that the bride takes from her family’s house to her new home with her spouse. Though some families build the bride’s dowry years in advance, sometimes they begin collecting items during the engagement period. In Greece, the dowry is typically linens made by the bride’s family.

Greek Orthodox Priest Approval

When the couple is engaged, they will begin working with their Greek Orthodox priest so that he can eventually bless the union. He will meet with the couple several times in order to educate them about marriage and to also assess if he will bless the upcoming marriage or not. When he does offer his official approval, the engagement period officially begins.

Engagement Party

To celebrate the priest offering his blessing, the family then holds a large engagement party. Since religion plays a big part in the culture in Greece, the engagement party happens after the church approves of the upcoming marriage. These parties are large and the family invites all of their friends and family members.

Plan Your Wedding

Finally, remember that the engagement period is the time to focus on planning your wedding. In Greece, this means having the wedding at the local Greek Orthodox church and then holding a large reception afterwards. Greek weddings tend to be fairly large so therefore, they take a lot of effort to plan.

Engagement traditions in Greece are important to the culture. Incorporating these traditions into your Greek-American engagement period can really help you get in touch with your roots.

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