Tips for Buying the Wedding Rings

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TraditiWedding Ringsons concerning the wedding rings vary between the United States and Greece but what remains the same is the place they hold in the traditional Greek Orthodox marriage ceremony. In the United States, for example, it is common for there to be two rings – the engagement ring and the wedding band that will be used in the ceremony. In Greece they will often only purchase the wedding band. It’s up to each couple to decide which traditions they will follow.

Engagement Ring Considerations
Though it isn’t necessary to have an engagement ring for Orthodox wedding ceremony it is an expected tradition in the United States. If you would like to uphold this tradition, make sure you let your partner know. This is an especially important conversation to have if your partner is originally from Greece.

Once you decide to adhere to the American tradition of having an engagement ring, you will be faced with a variety of choices. It is important to select a ring that is not only within budget but also captures her personality. When in doubt, ask her what she likes. Or, why not go ring shopping together?

Buying the Wedding Rings
As mentioned, you absolutely need the wedding bands for the Orthodox wedding ceremony. If you end up purchasing an engagement ring, you may want to get the wedding rings at the same time to be sure they match. Otherwise, the style is up to you and your partner. Here are some choices:

  • Greek wedding bands. You can get wedding rings that have a Greek theme. For example, you can find matching rings that have a Greek key carving around it.
  • Engraved wedding bands. Another option is to have a simple wedding band that is engraved with your names or any other meaningful saying.
  • Matching rings. Most couples like the rings to match, but they don’t always have to. They can also be in the same style as the engagement rings.
  • Style and embellishments. You can get them in gold, white gold, platinum, even silver. You also have a choice whether you want an engraving or have them studded with diamonds or other stones.

The ones you choose will depend on your personal preferences. Most people say they know the perfect rings when they see them.

Blessing of the Rings
The wedding rings are blessed during the portion of the ceremony called “The Betrothal”. Here, the Koumbaros or Koumbara exchanges the rings three times after the priest makes the blessing. This symbolizes the complimentary role the couple has with each other throughout their marriage. As far as the church is concerned, they don’t need to be elaborate. However, most couples prefer to choose something that is in line with their personal tastes..

So, the wedding rings are more than just a piece of jewelry. In the American culture, the engagement ring is a big tradition. Whether or not you choose to follow this tradition is up to you. When getting married in the Orthodox Church, the only necessary pieces of jewelry are the wedding rings.

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