A Guide for Choosing the Greek Orthodox Christening Outfit

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Christening OutfitWhen getting baptized in the Greek Orthodox Church, there are a lot of things that need to be done before the ceremony can happen. You need to choose the godparent or godparents. You’ll need to plan the reception and invite your guests. All the items for the Christening need to be purchased, such as the outfit worn during the ceremony. In fact, this is an important part of the ceremony and is often overlooked.

Symbolism of the Garments
During the baptism, the child is dressed in a new, white outfit. It absolutely needs to be white because this symbolizes purity and rebirth. Once the baptism is complete, we experience a “new life” as Orthodox Christians because we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. The outfit offers a visual representation of this.

Decide Who Will Purchase the Outfit
Traditionally, it is the Godparents who are expected to purchase the Christening outfit. However, there are exceptions to this rule and sometimes the parents do purchase it. If you are an adult getting christened, you can either have your Godparents buy you the outfit or just purchase it yourself.

Christening Outfit Essentials
For a baby, these are a diaper, underwear, dress or suit, socks, shoes, a hat, and a coat. Every aspect of this outfit needs to be white. As an adult, the idea is the same – the clothes, including the undergarments, need to be white. Also keep in mind that material and style don’t necessarily matter – it is the color that is the deciding factor.

Shop Around First
There are plenty of people out there who specialize in making Christening clothing. Before you purchase something, it is a good idea to shop around. Manufacturers make things such as suits, dresses, gowns, jumpsuits, and dresses. Expect to see materials such as silk, satin, and even cotton. Visit stores, perform an Internet search, look in catalogs, and visit shops to see what your choices are. Also note the prices because they can vary.

Making the Clothes
If it is up to you to get the Christening outfit, you may want to consider making it instead. Reasons for doing this include saving money, the ability to make exactly what you want, and sometimes it makes the clothing more meaningful. This is only a good option, however, if you have the talent and the skill for sewing.

Making the Purchase
Once you finally have an idea for the Christening outfit that you want, your next step is to find one that is within your price range. As long as you know what the child’s size is and you purchase the right color all that’s left is to buy it and keep it safe until the ceremony.

Did you just have a baby? Is it time for the Christening? Once you’ve chosen the Godparents you can begin to prepare for the ceremony itself. The Christening outfit is something that the godparents are supposed to purchase. These garments are put on during the ceremony to symbolize purity and the child’s rebirth after the baptism. Ask your priest to make sure you find the right clothing for this moment.

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