Christening Gifts from the Godparents

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In the Greek Orthodox tradition, the Godparents are responsible for purchasing all the items needed for the Christening. This includes the outfit the child will be changed into, the cross, and the candles. But aside from this, it is still nice to get a special gift from the Godparents that can be looked at as a keepsake.

The Baptismal Cross
Even though this is a required item it is still a nice keepsake. Though it isn’t a requirement to give an elaborate or personalized cross as a gift, it gives it a nice touch. Real gold, special embellishments, even engraving can turn a simple cross into something really special.

Silver Baby Cup
This is a fairly traditional gift that is common particularly with Catholic Christenings. The silver cup is typically engraved with the baby’s full name and baptismal name (if they’re different) as well as his date of birth and the date of the Christening. You can also choose a special message, quote, or Bible verse in addition to the relative information.

Baby’s First Bible
Since the role of the Godparents is to make sure the child learns about God and the church, a Bible is a very appropriate and very meaningful Christening gift. You can choose to give him a Bible designed for children or a full, adult Bible. You can also purchase a silver or gold cover for the Bible and have that engraved with a special message, the child’s name, etc.

Children’s Prayer Book
Another great gift from the Godparents is an Orthodox prayer book. You can either give one that is geared specifically to children or give one that is geared towards adults. These established prayers are a good way to help the child learn how to have a relationship with God.

Engraved Picture Frame
Photographs are a great way to capture the beauty of a Christening. You can purchase a gold or silver picture frame that can also be engraved. Once the Christening is finished and the pictures have come back, the parents can choose one of the best photos to place inside it. Instead of a photograph, you can also place a poem or Bible verse inside the frame.

Charm Bracelet
This is a great idea for the child, as well. A charm bracelet is something that can be added to over the years so the Godparents have the opportunity to include a charm with every gift. For the Christening, a cross charm is nice. Also consider getting the charm engraved.

Get Anything Monogrammed
You can get nearly anything monogrammed. If the Christening is near Christmas, for example, a great gift is a monogrammed Christmas ornament. For boys, a monogrammed comb or baby shoes is also a nice idea. The main idea is to give the child something that will remind him of this special day.

Besides being responsible for purchasing the items for the Christening, it is also a nice touch for the Godparents to give the child something meaningful. Use these suggestions to give you ideas.

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