Are You Happy With Your Child’s Godparent?

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Happy With GodparentHas your child’s baptism already taken place? Are you happy with your choice for a godparent? Most of the time, the godparent does a great job performing his ultimate role of overseeing the child’s development as a Greek Orthodox Christian.

However, there may come a time when you question whether or not the godparent is performing his role properly. Here is some advice on what to do if you feel the godparent isn’t performing his or her duties.

Baptism and the Role of the Godparent

In the Greek Orthodox Church, Baptism is the first sacrament that is performed. In fact, it is a requirement that in order to participate in the other sacraments, Holy Baptism must occur first. The reason for this is that when someone is baptized, he experiences a spiritual rebirth and is now considered part of Christ’s kingdom.

Everyone who is baptized needs a sponsor, or a godparent. This individual is given the role of monitoring the new Christian’s spiritual development. There are several ways the godparent is selected but ultimately, the best choice is to select one who will best accomplish this role.

Assess How the Godparent is Doing

Before you take action, you should assess how the godparent truly is doing. Does he spend time with your child? Does he take your child to church or talk to him about God? Sometimes, it’s hard to determine how seriously the godparent adheres to his duties until the child gets a little older.

The Godparent’s main duty is to help the child learn about Christianity and the Orthodox Church. Although most parents assume this role, the godparent should still be involved in the process by speaking with the parents about the child’s spiritual health. For example, if parents neglect to take the child to church, it is up to the Godparent to make arrangements.

What to Do if the Godparent Isn’t Performing His Duties

Sometimes, parents are unhappy with the choice they made for a godparent. Some have even asked their priests if they could baptize their child again and this time, select a different godparent. Unfortunately, there is no way to “fire” your Godparent. Baptism takes place only once.

There are, however, some things you can do to help the godparent get back on track. First of all, be sure to pray to God for guidance on what you should do. Each situation is different and God will help guide you on the proper approach. You should also speak with your priest.

The next step is to make sure that your personal relationship with the Godparent is strong. You should invite him to be a real part of the family. In doing so, you give him a chance to get to know your child which can help forge the Godparent/Godchild bond. Also, be sure that he understands what your expectations are.

Selecting a Godparent can be tricky. There may come a time when you may regret your choice. If that ever happens to you, the best approach is to give the problem to God and wait to see what you are supposed to do.

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