Ideal Decorations for a Greek Christening

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Christening InvitationsIt’s almost time for your newborn’s Christening. You’ve selected the godparents. All the necessary items for the ceremony have been purchased. Your guests are all set to attend the ceremony and the celebration that follows. Have you given the decorations any thought?

Taking the extra step to decorate the church and the celebration is completely optional. However, it can really enhance the reception venue. Here are some ideas to help you determine the best decorations for the occasion.

Buying Flowers for the Christening
The very first thing to consider is whether or not you want to decorate using fresh flowers. You can use flowers to decorate the candles, to adorn the church, and for the centerpieces at the tables wherever your celebration will be taking place. You can either hire a florist or buy the flowers yourself and assemble your own decorations.

Decorations for the Celebration
No matter where the reception is held, decorations can really make it look festive. The idea is to choose a theme and stick with it such as a religious or Greek theme. Decoration ideas include balloons, festive centerpieces, flowers, crosses, and streamers.

Decorations by Gender
Another tactic you can take when decorating for the party that follows the Christening is that you can choose a scheme that has to do with the gender of your child. For example, blue is a traditional color for boys and pink is a traditional color for girls. Accent that with white and you will have a great color scheme. From there, you can choose decorations like balloons, streamers, and banners in your color scheme.

Don’t Forget the Centerpieces
If you have your Christening celebration at a function hall, don’t forget that the centerpiece presents a perfect opportunity to decorate. Ideal centerpieces include those with a religious theme, fresh flowers, and candles. You can either buy these centerpieces or make them yourself.

Decorate with the Favors
Another cute idea is to decorate the tables with the favors you’ve chosen. Keep in mind that you can have whichever favors you like but you still need to give Koufeta (sugar coated almonds), as part of the favor. You can arrange the favors in a centerpiece, decorate each place setting with it, or create a large arrangement with all the favors as part of your main decorative scheme.

Ideal Decorations for Church
So, what are the best decorations for the church? The absolute best choice is the flowers. When selecting the flowers, it is best to stick with white. This is the color of the candles and the garments the baby will be wearing. White flowers will complement these items well. You may want to choose a few accent colors but you’ll want to talk to your priest about it first. You can also decorate the church with streamers in appropriate colors.

If you decide you want to decorate the church or the reception at the Christening, you can’t go wrong with things like flowers, streamers, and balloons. Even though decorations aren’t necessary they are still a nice touch.

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