Silver Greek Christening Gifts

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Silver Christening Gifts

Are you attending a Greek Christening and looking for the right gift? There are several types of gifts you can give. These include money, religious gifts, and other keepsakes designed to help honor their special day. However, one of the most popular types of gifts are those made out of silver. Here are some details as to the types of silver Christening gifts available to you.

Silver Baby Spoon

One of the most common of the silver Christening gifts is the silver baby spoon. This is typically given to young girls but boys have been known to get it, too. In the American South, girls were given these spoons in a set pattern. This became her silver pattern and for every gift-giving occasion throughout her life, she was given pieces of the pattern. The silver set was finalized on her wedding day.

You can certainly resurrect the tradition by gifting a baby girl a special silver spoon at her Christening. In fact, you can give it to boys as well as girls. The spoon can be engraved, for example, to commemorate the date of the Christening.

Religious Themed Silver Gifts

Another option for a Christening gift is to give religious inspired items made of silver, such as a cross, Bible cover, or other religious trinkets. Any of these religious gifts can also be engraved.

Keep in mind that the godparent always buys the cross the priest will use during the Christening ceremony. This cross can either be gold or silver. Even if you aren’t the godparent, you could also get him or her a beautiful silver cross.

Silver Christening Keepsakes

In the Greek Orthodox Church, the Christening ceremony usually takes place in infancy. This means that the majority of Greek Orthodox Christians don’t remember anything about their own Christening. All they have left are the mementos and keepsakes that were given on that day.

Keepsakes can come in various forms but the best ones are engraved with the child’s name, the name of the godparents, and the date of the Christening. Consider giving a silver keepsake box, a silver plaque, an engraved cross or bracelet, or a silver charm. There are specialty stores that have a nice selection of silver items that can be engraved.

Silver Baby Gifts

Another popular silver gift idea is to give the newly Christened infant a silver gift typically given to babies when they are born. These include silver rattles, picture frames, coin banks, keepsake plaques, silver baby cups, ornaments, and more. All of these baby gifts can also be engraved with the child’s baptismal name, the names of the godparents, and the date of the Christening.

For most Orthodox Christians, the keepsakes given to them during their Christening are often the only reminders they have that ceremony actually occurred. So giving him or her a special silver gift is something that is very memorable. If you get any of these silver items engraved, it offers an extra reminder of the details of the special day.

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