Religious Gift Ideas for a Greek Orthodox Christening

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In the Greek Orthodox Church, the Christening is an important occasion. It is during this ceremony where the sacraments of Holy Baptism and Holy Chrism are performed and it is the official beginning of the individual’s Christian life. To celebrate this day, family and friends are invited to witness this important rite.

Have you been invited to a Greek Christening? If so, it is customary to give a gift. Though money and baby items are common and appropriate gift giving options, since this is a religious occasion, religious themed gifts are especially appropriate. Here are some ideas as to the best religious gifts you can give.

Giving a Cross as a Gift

The cross is the ultimate symbol of Christian faith. This means that it is also a perfect gift at a Christening. Keep in mind that the godparent is responsible for giving the child the cross that will be worn during the ceremony. Though you can still give a cross necklace for a gift, giving another type of cross gift may be more meaningful. Try giving a cross charm bracelet, keepsake box with a cross, or other cross keepsakes, instead.

Orthodox Christian Books and Bibles

Learning about Orthodox Christianity is an important part of the faith. That is why giving a Bible, prayer book, or other Orthodox Christian books, is such a good idea. You can either give a book that is geared towards children, or you can give him something that he will grow into as his reading level improves. Both approaches work equally well.

Holy Icons

Another great gift for a Greek Christening is a Holy Icon. There are several approaches you can take when selecting an icon to give as a gift. You can simply choose a generic icon that depicts a scene from the Bible. Or, you can also personalize it by selecting an icon that has meaning to the child or the family. For example, of you know which saint he was named after, it would be appropriate to give an icon of the saint to the child as a gift.

Personalized Religious Gifts

Personalizing your religious gift will make it more unique. For example, if you give a Bible as a gift, you can write a note on the inside or have the cover engraved. You can do the same for crosses, icons, keepsake boxes, and other religious items. If you decide to personalize an icon, be sure to write on the back, not the front, so that you can keep the image free of clutter. Common things to write include the name of the person being baptized, the date of the baptism, the names of the godparents, and the names of the parents.

If you are attending a Greek Orthodox Christening, giving a religious themed gift is a great option. Things like Bibles, crosses, and other religious keepsakes will help commemorate the occasion and help build the child’s relationship with God throughout his life.

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