Greek Baptism Gifts for Girls

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Are you invited to a Greek baptism? If so, you’ll absolutely need to give a gift, even if you don’t attend. Baptisms can be quite elaborate. The family is no doubt eager to share their child’s first sacraments with everyone they care about most. If they’ve invited you, it means that you’re a special part of the family. Therefore, giving a present is absolutely essential! Here are some great ideas on thinks you can give if the person being baptized is a girl.

Religious Gifts

Since a Christening is a religious event, giving a gift that has a general Christian or an Orthodox theme is absolutely appropriate. Here are some ideas:

  • An icon of her patron saint.
  • Her first Bible.
  • An Orthodox prayer book.
  • A prayer rope.
  • Cross pendant or other cross jewelry.

When purchasing something like a Bible, you can choose to get one that is geared towards children or one that she will grow into. If you decide to get an icon, you may want to have it blessed by the priest before you give it to her. However, that’s usually something that the family takes care of.

Gift Ideas for Girls

Another popular gift to give at someone’s Christening are those designed specifically for girls. The possibilities are nearly endless! Here are some ideas:

  • Infant items. At a Christening, it’s appropriate to give her gifts geared towards infants such as baby sets, toys, and stuffed animals. If you go this route, you can always get her something that is gender-specific.
  • Jewelry. Girls love jewelry! Special items such as bracelets, earrings, and necklaces are a good choice. To make it extra special, consider getting it engraved.
  • Silver gifts. There are plenty of silver Christening gifts that are geared towards girls. Things like keepsake boxes, figurines, and even picture frames all make great Christening gifts. To personalize it, you can always have it engraved.

Gift of Money

Money is one of the most popular baptism gifts out there. The child’s parents usually open a special account in order to keep any money gifts safe until they get over. The idea is that this money will help fund things like her college education and help give her a great start at life once she gets older. If you would like to personalize this gift, you can always give her a small keepsake, such as an icon of her patron saint, in addition to the cash. Gift certificates are also appropriate.

As you can see, there are several gifts that you can give her that are appropriate for a baptism. Your ultimate goal is to find something that will not only express your gratitude for getting invited to her special day, but will also make a nice keepsake for her as she gets older.

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