Handmade Greek Christening Gifts

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Christening Gifts

A Christening is a memorable occasion both for the family and for the person to be christened. In the Greek Orthodox Church, the ceremony has two sacraments – Holy Baptism and Holy Chrism. At its conclusion, the newly christened is now officially a part of God’s kingdom.

If you are invited to this joyous occasion, it is because you have a great relationship with the family. This also means that you should bring a gift, especially if there is a reception that will follow the ceremony.

Rather than give the same old gifts, why not give something unique and handmade? Here are some options for things you can make from scratch if you have the skill. If not, you can purchase beautiful, handmade Christening gifts straight from the artisan.

Make Something Personalized

You can make a Christening gift that is completely personalized. No matter what you make, be sure to include the child’s name, the date of the Christening, names of the parents, and names of the godparents so the child has something to help remember the details of this special day.

Here are some things that you can make by hand and then personalize to give if you’re invited to a Christening.

  • Handmade pillow, which has been personalized with embroidery.
  • A monogrammed homemade baby blanket with all relevant information stitched in.
  • Handmade commemorative plaque with all the important details about the Christening engraved on it.

As you can see, these gifts have varying degrees of difficulty for the people who make them. If you don’t have the skill at all, you can purchase the handmade item already made.

Handmade Religious Inspired Gifts

Even though you could easily give the child an icon or a cross that you purchased in the store, you can also make a religious gift yourself. Ideas for handmade religious gifts include making a cross, embroidering Bible versus on fabric, and creating plaques with Biblical information inscribed on them.

The main idea to creating a gift that has been inspired by Christianity is to select something that has meaning to the person being christened or to the family. This could be a Bible verse, a scrapbook with religious inspired items, information about baptism, and anything that pertains to the Greek Orthodox Christian Faith.

Homemade Christening Gifts Based on Gender

When choosing a homemade Christening gift, you can make or buy a gift that is based on gender. Gifts that are appropriate for boys include anything in the color blue, anything that has been monogrammed with his name, and jewelry that is geared towards boys. For girls, items such as baby photo albums, wedding dresses, fancy dolly shoes and even christening guest books that give them much pleasure as they grow up.

If you are invited to a Christening, you will need to bring a gift. Rather than give money or buy something traditional, you may want to make something yourself or at least buy something that has been handmade. These are keepsakes that will always be cherished.

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