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Manouri Greek cheese is produced in Western and Central Macedonia and Thessaly. This semi-soft white cheese is made from sheep or goat’s milk whey, which is drained the feta cheese when it is produced. In many ways, manouri cheese is similar to feta, but it is creamier. Manouri Greek cheese is a little greasy and grainy. Compared to feta, manouri is less salty with hints of citrus. Manouri is sometimes called manoypi.

Manouri Greek cheese is made by adding pasteurized sheep or goat’s milk to the whey that is produced during the making of feta cheese. The curds are then drained and packages in plastic cylinders. Manouri does not have a rind or other solidified casing. Manouri cheese is most often found in log-shaped rolls. Sometimes it can be found in individual pieces cut from the roll. The fat content of manouri Greek cheese ranges from 36 – 38%. The cheese has a low sodium content of 0.8%.

If a recipe you’re using calls for a sweet, rich cheese, you can use manouri Greek cheese. It is the perfect addition to pastries. It can also be eaten on its own, drizzled with honey. Manouri cheese makes the perfect substitution for cream cheese in cheese cake. If you prefer more savory dishes, manouri Greek cheese goes well with pasta and salads. You can get manouri Greek cheese online if you can’t find it in stores. If you need to replace manouri with another cheese, goat cheese, cream cheese, and ricotta salata are all good options.

Type of Greek Cheese

Manouri Greek cheese is a semi-soft white cheese that is made from sheep’s milk whey or goat’s milk whey. Manouri cheese can be greasy and slightly grainy.

Where Manouri Greek Cheese is Produced

Manouri cheese is produced in Thessaly and Western and Central Macedonia.

Manouri Greek Cheese Flavor Description

Manouri is a creamy cheese that is less salty than feta and features a milky taste that can boast hints of citrus.

Facts About Manouri Greek Cheese

  • Manouri Greek cheese is made from the whey that is drained from feta
  • Manouri comes in log-shaped rolls or slices cut from the log
  • Manouri Greek cheese is also known as manoypi
  • Only manouri cheese made in Thessaly and Western or Central Macedonia is real manouri cheese protected by PDO status
  • Manouri Greek cheese is low in cholesterol
  • The texture of manouri Greek cheese is comparable to cream cheese
  • Manouri Greek cheese is a semi-soft, white cheese

If you’re looking for a versatile cheese that tastes good and has a low sodium content, you will want to give manouri cheese a try.

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