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Formaela Greek cheese is produced exclusively in Arachova, Greece. In 1996, was given PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) status. It is made from sheep’s milk and sometimes goat’s milk or a combination of both. The maximum moisture content of formaela cheese is 38% and the minimum fat content must be 40%. Formaela is a hard cheese without holes that is pale yellow with a slightly salty and milky taste that is also spicy.

The aroma of Formaela Greek cheese is sweet. This cheese has a high nutritional value. The sheep and goats that the milk is taken from to produce formaela cheese have adapted to the mountainous region. Their diet consists of local plants and herbs. This is what gives the cheese its unique flavor.

Formaela Greek cheese is produced using tradition techniques. The milk first coagulates for two hours and is then heated to 40 degrees celsius for 10 minutes. The result is a solid that is cut into pieces and fit into molds that are in the shape of wickers. The cheese and the mold are placed in the whey that was separated from the cheese. Once the formaela cheese is taken out of the molds, it is salted and kept on shelves for four days to dry. Formaela cheese ripens for at least three months.

Formaela Greek cheese is one of the best cheeses to use for saganaki (shallow-fried cheese). This dish is often served with fresh lemon juice, which cuts through the oiliness. The best wine to pair with formaela cheese is a white wine with good acidity. Roditis and Assyrtiko are two wines that go well with formaela cheese whether cooked or raw. Formaela Greek cheese is ideal as a table cheese.

Type of Greek Cheese

Formaela Greek cheese is made from sheep’s milk and sometimes a combination of sheep and goat’s milk. It is a semi-hard to hard cheese that is a pale yellow color.

Where Formaela Greek Cheese is Produced

Formaela Greek cheese is produced exclusively in Arachova, Greece at the foot of the Parnassos Mountain.

Formaela Greek Cheese Flavor Description

Formaela Greek cheese tastes salty and milky with a hint of spice. The taste is fairly pungent with a sweet aroma.

Facts About Formaela Greek Cheese

  • The Italian word “formaggio” and the French name “fromage” both stem from the Greek word “formos,” which is a reference to the molds/baskets used to drain the curd
  • Formaela cheese is produced exclusively in Arachova, Greece
  • Formaela Greek cheese has been produced for over one century
  • Formaela cheese is one of the best choices for making saganaki
  • PDO status has been given to Formaela Greek cheese
  • Formaela cheese is still produced using traditional techniques

For a Greek cheese that will bring your sense alive, try formaela cheese. It pairs well with wine and can be enjoyed both raw and cooked, so your options are unlimited.

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