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Anevato was first produced in Western Macedonia by local shepherds. They would rennet the goat’s milk in the morning and leave the curd to rise during the day. The name anevato comes from this process as the word means “the cheese that rises.” Along with galotyri, anevato cheese is one of the most ancient in Greece. For may years now, Anevato Greek cheese has been produced in Grevena prefecture, a mountain region known for its quality dairy, and the Voio area in Kozani prefecture.

Anevato is one of only five Greek cheese that can be made completely from goat’s milk. It can also be made from sheep’s milk and a combination of goat and sheep’s milk. Anevato Greek cheese is produced mainly during the summer months. The milk at this time is richer and the warmer temperatures make the souring and fermentation an easier process. The procedure begins with storing the milk at temperatures between 18 and 22 celsius. Once it reaches the desired acidity, it is moved to a cooling chamber for 24 hours. Rennet and salt are added later. It takes two months for this cheese to mature.

Anevato is a white cheese, sometimes a pale pink color, that is soft and grainy. It’s flavor is described as acidic and fresh. The texture is creamy and there is no rind. Anevato Greek cheese is an ideal addition to salads and savory pastries. It can also be spread on toast or crackers for a lovely snack. It is often eaten alone with a spoon. Anevato pairs well with the wines Mavrodafni and Moschato.

Type of Greek Cheese

Anevato is a white to pale pink, soft, and grainy cheese. It is made of sheep or goat’s milk or a combination of the two. Anevato Greek cheese is one of few cheeses that can be made using 100% goat’s milk.

Where Anevato Greek Cheese is Produced

Anevato Greek cheese is produced in Greneva prefecture and the Voio area of Kozani prefecture.

Anevato Greek Cheese Flavor Description

Anevato is a grainy cheese with a pleasant taste and aroma.

Facts About Anevato Greek Cheese

  • Anevato Greek cheese was first produced by shepherds in Western Macedonia and is one of the most ancient Greek cheeses
  • The name anevato comes from part of the production process as a word to describe “the cheese that rises”
  • Anevato Greek cheese is mainly produced during the summer months as the milk is more rich and the temperatures help the souring and fermentation processes
  • Anevato PDO cheese won the highest distinction receiving the World Cheese Award of 2017
  • Anevato cheese is one of five Greek cheeses that can be made entirely using goat’s milk

Anevato Greek cheese is one of the most ancient Greek cheeses. It is a versatile cheese that makes a good snack, can be added to a meal, or enjoyed with a glass of wine.

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