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Graviera is a Greek cheese that is made from cow’s milk and sometimes a combination of cow and sheep’s milk. The Cretan version is graviera cheese is made with sheep’s milk or sheep’s milk with a bit of goat’s milk added in and is ripened for at least five months. The Naxos version of graviera Greek cheese is mostly made of cow’s milk. This cheese is made in wheels with the rind marked in a crisscross pattern. This pattern comes from the cloth that the cheese was drained in.

In 1996, graviera cheese received certification of protected designation of origin (PDO). This means that any cheeses called “graviera” that are made in areas other than specified regions of Greece are not real graviera cheese.

Graviera Greek cheese is versatile as it can be eaten sliced, fried, shredded over pasta dishes and salads, and baked in casseroles. Graviera cheese is also perfect for making cheese fritters. Graviera cheese can be high in saturated fat and sodium, but it is also a rich source of protein and calcium. Graviera cheese is easily accessible outside of Greece. You will find it in large grocery stores and Greek grocery stores. It can also be purchased online.

Type of Greek Cheese

Graviera is a Greek cheese that is made from cow’s milk and sometimes a combination of cow and sheep’s milk. Graviera is a hard cheese that is light yellow in color and features asymmetrical holes. Graviera cheese has an oily texture.

Where Graviera Greek Cheese is Produced

Graviera cheese is produced in various regions throughout Greece, but most prominently in Naxos, Lesbos, Crete, and Amfilochia.

Graviera Greek Cheese Flavor Description

Graviera Greek cheese is slightly sweet and nutty. The Cretan version has a burnt caramel flavor. Young graviera cheese tastes sweet and fruity.

Facts About Graviera Greek Cheese

  • Graviera Greek cheese is the second most popular cheese in Greece behind feta
  • Different regions in Greece that make graviera cheese use slightly different amounts and types of milk
  • Under PDO rules, graviera cheese must contain at least 49% fat and 38% moisture
  • Gruyere can be used as a substitute for graviera as they are similar cheeses
  • Thanks to its PDO protection, graviera cheese that is made anywhere besides the designated regions in Greece is not real
  • Graviera Greek cheese is so versatile it can be eaten as casually as a snack, sprinkled over pastas, or baked with a delicious casserole
  • Graviera pairs especially well with melon
  • The salt content of graviera cheese cannot contain more than 2%
  • Graviera Greek cheese is formed by hand

Graviera cheese is the second most popular cheese in Greece after feta. If you are looking for a delicious cheese that can be used in many types of dishes.

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