Tour the House of Lena Museum on Mykonos

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When it comes to the island of Mykonos, the one thing that comes to mind for people is that it is certainly a glamorous place. This is where the jet-setting crowd loves to visit, and it has been that way for at least the past few decades. Mykonos has developed a reputation as being a place where people love to go if they’re looking for a party atmosphere, and it’s true that many of the things you can do here involve this scene.

However, there is so much more to the island than that. You can explore the other side of Mykonos by hitting all the top museums and landmarks. The House of Lena, or Lena’s House, is a museum devoted to showing people what life was like on Mykonos in the 18th Century.

Here’s more information about the Lena Museum House in Mykonos:

Getting to Lena’s House

Before you can actually tour Lena’s House, you need to first make your way to the island of Mykonos itself. Since it is such a popular island destination, there are plenty of options. Mykonos is a popular cruise destination, but most cruises only leave you enough time to explore the island for just a few hours. In order to get the most out of it, you’ll want to spend at least a few days here and to do that, you should take a ferry or an airplane. Once you arrive, you can head to the House of Lena (Lena’s House), which is located directly in Mykonos Town near Tria Pigadia.

About Lena’s House

Lena’s House is actually an offshoot of the larger Folklore Museum, which is also located in Mykonos Town. This is a fully furnished, authentic house that dates back to the 1800’s of Mykonos. This house is pretty typical of the middle class on the island at the time. It gives visitors a unique glimpse into the way life was like during that time period. The 1800’s were interesting in Greece because that is when the people eventually gained their independence from the Ottoman Empire. However, a country is more than just its history. It is important to understand how people actually lived.

Visiting Lena’s House

While visiting Mykonos, you’ll no doubt want to spend time in Mykonos Town. This is a great place because there is plenty to do. You’ll absolutely want to find the House of Lena, or Lena’s House, while you’re here. You don’t need long in order to take it all in. In fact, you can simply pay the admission and take a quick look. However, if you really want to soak up the history, you should consider touring the house. You can either tour the Folklore Museum and the House of Lena separately or make sure that the house is included on a larger guided tour that hits multiple spots.

If you want to learn more about the way people lived on Mykonos in the 19th Century, you should absolutely visit Lena’s House, or the House of Lena, while here.

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