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Top Beaches to Visit Near Lindos on Rhodes Island

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Rhodes is one of the most unique Greek islands to visit. People usually flock here to enjoy everything this island has to offer, such as its rich history, idyllic weather, and delicious food. The beaches are also a major draw, and there are some many on this island to choose from it can be hard to find the perfect one. If you’re spending time on Lindos, there are some great beaches nearby! Here’s more information as to which beaches you should visit while vacationing in Lindos, one of the major tourist areas on the island:

Agios Pavlos Beach

This beach is located on a little bay and is an easy choice for people looking for a simple place to enjoy the sun. According to a local legend, this beach is one of the sites where Saint Paul stopped to preach. However, that story hasn’t been substantiated.  You don’t need to believe that story to enjoy the beach, though. It is very charming here because the water is calm and warm and there is usually a gentle breeze coming off the water. This beach is also family friendly and has services nearby to make your stay comfortable.

Megali Paralia Beach

Often referred to as simply “Lindos Beach” Megali Paralia is known for being one of the largest and most well organized beaches on the island. This is a hub of activity for visitors and locals alike and many people come here to enjoy the sunshine and water. The beach is organized and there are plenty of lounge chairs and umbrellas to rent. The water here is clean and the beach is made up of sand, not pebbles like some of the other beaches on the island. This is a great spot for families, as well, since there are so many services nearby.

Glystra Beach

Glystra Beach is also one that is easily accessible from Lindos. About 11 kilometers away, this beach is on the small side. Since it is tucked away, it doesn’t see the types of crowds that the other beaches near Lindos do. Here, the real star of the show is the natural setting the each is in. Glystra is surrounded by pretty greenery and vegetation. This is a peaceful and relaxing retreat for all who com here.

Vlycha Beach

This is one of those rare beaches that is not only tranquil, bit is also well organized. There are sun bed and umbrella rentals here to enjoy, and because the beaches doesn’t get too crowded, you can space them out comfortably. You can do all the typical things here, such as splash in the water or bathe in the sun. This beach is a popular choice for locals so you are likely to find plenty of Greek families here enjoying the day.

Lindos is the area of Rhodes where there are a lot of historical sites to visit. If you find yourself spending a lot of time in this part of the island, you should also stop in on one of the beaches!

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