Visit the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos

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The Archaeological Museum of Mykonos is a quaint building that sits right on the Aegean Sea. The size shouldn’t fool you–this small museum houses hundreds of rare and beautiful artifacts that date back to 2500 B.C. All of the artifacts on display help tell the story of Mykonos and unveil what gave the island it’s historical significance today. The Archaeological Museum of Mykonos is right on the waterfront on the Aegean Sea. It is a large neoclassical building that is quite easy to spot. Here’s more information about visiting this museum during your stay:

Getting To the Museum

Before you can visit the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos you need to first arrive at the island. You can do so either by ferry or by airplane. There are ferries that make it to the island daily from many ports througout Greece. The island also has a regional airport with flights from throughout Greece, some places in Europe, and daily flights from the International Airport in Athens.

Depending on where you are staying on the island, you can either take a car, taxi, or bus to the museum.The northern bus station is located just a few blocks away. If you are traveling from another island, you are also in luck as it is very close to the main port on the island at Mykonos Harbor. Because of it’s central location, you can plan to visit the museum during a day trip in the city as you wander through the streets of Mykonos by foot.

Information About the Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Mykonos has a large collection of ceramic artifacts dating as far back as prehistoric times. The island has a rich, ancient history and the museum offers the perfect opportunity to learn more about that history. However, it appears as if most of the history and artifacts date from the Hellenistic period from 323 B.C. to 31 B.C.. With everything from funerary statues to ancient Neolithic gold jewelry, you will learn about a variety of customs and traditions from this significant period in Greek culture.

The museum is also well-structured and all of the pieces are labeled well with both Greek and English descriptions. The museum itself is quite old, but it has recently had modern renovations that give it a contemporary feeling inside. You should plan on spending at least 1 to 2 hours looking through all of the exhibitions. The museum is more geared towards adults and children who like learning. There is no gift shop or interactive exhibitions for children, but children do still find it interesting. The staff has a reputation of being friendly and helpful, as well. Don’t be afraid to ask about the exhibitions and other questions you may have.

The location of the museum is quite convenient because it is only a couple of blocks from the visitor’s center in central Mykonos. Besides visiting the museum, you can easily spend some time doing other things after you are done with the exhibits. You won’t want to miss the chance to visit this museum during your visit to Mykonos!


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