Enjoy Perivolos Beach on Santorini Island

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When you first set foot on the island of Santorini, you can’t help but think that the island has a fabled history. Thousands of years ago, this island was the site of an intense volcanic eruption that blew a hole through the center of the island. Some theorize that this missing portion of the island is the lost kingdom of Atlantis that the poet, Homer, mentioned in one of his epic poems. Although this has never been substantiated, the island still retains that mythical quality to this day.

One of the places where you can really sense that Santorini is unlike any other Greek island is on its beaches. Since much of the island is raised up on the volcano’s rim, there aren’t many beaches. Those that do exist, such as Perivolos Beach, are truly beautiful. Here’s more information about visiting this beach:

Getting to Perivolos Beach

Before you can actually make your way to this beach, you need to first get to Santorini. Since it is such a popular destination, you do have a few options. This is a regular stop for cruise ships, but if you want to spend some time on this island a cruise isn’t your best bet. There is an airport on the island, which means that you can head here from Athens, as well as other airports in Greece and also outside of Greece. The ferry is also a viable option, but you’ll need to check the ferry schedules to make sure this really is a good option for you. Depending on where you originate, you may need to change ferries once or twice before you can get here. Once you’re in the island, you can head to Perivolos Beach by bus, taxi, or even rental car. It’s located near Perissa on the southern portion of Santorini.

Visiting Perivolos Beach

One of the things that this beach is especially known for is its impressive natural beauty. Here, the sun shines bright and allows the turquoise blue water to sparkle. The water is also incredibly warm, which means that it is a great beach for swimming. Be sure to bring your camera because you’ll want to take plenty of pictures! It is also a popular beach and there are some tavernas and shops nearby that will keep you busy once you’re done lounging on the beach. If you do decide to eat in one of these establishments, you should try one of the seafood dishes since the fish will likely be caught fresh.

Here’s a look at what you can do during your outing to Perivolos Beach:

  • Enjoy the beach. Whether you want to go swimming or you are content to soak up the sun, this beach is for you! You can also go snorkeling if you happen to have your gear with you.
  • Eat and drink at a taverna. Whether you want a cocktail or you desire to eat some of the local specialty, there will be an option for you near the beach.
  • Go for a walk. Once you are done at the beach, you might want to walk around the surrounding area so you can see what Perivolos really has to offer.

As you can see, Perivolos Beach is absolutely worth a visit during your stay on Santorini!

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