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Hydra, which is located in the Saronic Gulf in Greece, is one of those islands where it seems as if time has stopped. Because no cars are allowed on the island, visitors need to walk wherever they need to go, ride a donkey, or ride in a cart that is being pulled by a donkey. The end result is that the island is clean, scenic, and very restful. There’s no better place to rest than at one of the island’s beaches, and Saint Nicholas Beach is one of the best on Hydra. Here’s more details on what it takes to visit here:

Arriving at the Island of Hydra

Since Hydra is only a short distance away from Piraeus, this means it is a doable day trip if you want to only spend a few hours here. The island is too small for an airport, which means that the only way to get here is by boat. It is also possible to book a boat tour and some excursions schedule in a stop at the island of Hydra. However, if you truly do want to spend time at the beach, you’ll want to make sure that your excursion gives you plenty of time. It is also possible to stay on the island for an extended period of time so that you can spend as much time on Saint Nicholas Beach as you want!

Relaxing at Saint Nicholas Beach

Visitors who come to this beach are immediately taken with how relaxing it is. Many report visiting here more than once during their stay on the island. Those who are only heading here for a day trip won’t have the opportunity to visit more than once. However, knowing that people do make this their main attraction while on Hydra can help us understand how great it is. People who come here say that it is an ideal beach for lounging, soaking up the sun, and also for swimming.

Enjoy the View at Saint Nicholas Beach

Saint Nicholas Beach is also known for being extremely picturesque. The water is a clear, turquoise blue. It’s also very warm, which is why people say this is a great beach for swimming. The beach itself is surrounded by rolling hills, and those who are lounging on the beach get a great view of the sea in front of them. There is also a restaurant close to the beach, which means that you can easily enjoy your meal while lounging.

While on the island of Hydra, one of the top activities to do is visit the beach. Since there are no cars allowed on the island, this means that the beach will be even more relaxing! If you’re looking for an ideal place to experience what a traditional Greek beach is really all about, this is the place!

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