Visit the Historical and Folklore Museum in Antiparos

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Antiparos is one of many small, sparsely-populated Greek islands. Despite its seclusion and like the other Greek islands, Antiparos has much to offer. Sunny and quiet, beautiful beaches and intriguing history bless this little piece of land rising from the Eastern Mediterranean. That is why, if you should ever visit this humble paradise, the Historical and Folklore Museum of Antiparos ought to be a must on your to-see list while there.

About the Historical and Folklore Museum of Antiparos

The Historical and Folklore Museum of Antiparos arose from a collaboration between the family of a man named Alexandros Konogiorgos and the Municipality of Antiparos. The family of Alexandros Konogiorgos supplied the initial cash of artifacts, which the Municipality of Antiparos generously housed in a specially tailored building that visitors describe as “spacious and elegant.” The Municipality was also responsible for commissioning the signage, and it oversees all operations at the museum. This site opened in 2016.

Some of the cultural objects donated to the Historical and Folklore Museum of Antiparos were from the ANTHEMIO museum. Kiraki Ragousi was the founder of the ANTHEMIO museum, an institution that he lovingly and painstakingly developed.

What to Do at the Historical and Folklore Museum of Antiparos

So far, those familiar with the site describe it as a small museum but enriched with rare items that have significant scientific and historical value to the island. Visitors may walk through the exhibits and take their time to learn about any objects they see on display.

Some of the items you can find there include:
• Antique maps
• Manuscripts
• Engravings
• A library
• Cycladic figurines
• Traditional uniforms of Antiparos
• Old photographs
• Photographs from the excavation of Despotiko
• Other assorted historical artifacts

Getting to the Historical and Folklore Museum of Antiparos

The location of the museum lies in the old settlement of Antiparos. The castle of Antiparos comprises almost the entirety of this original historic settlement. Built by lord Lorentano, it is a single residential complex organized around a square courtyard. There once stood a large tower at the center, but now only the tower’s base remains. Residents later added more buildings to the castle’s perimeter, which now constitute the main village of Antiparos, also called Kastro.

The museum is located along the main walkway of this settlement, about 400 meters from the promenade by the coast. You can reach it on foot, walking the narrow stone streets through the old castle and courtyard.

Exploring Antiparos While Here

For such a geographically small area, there is so much to do and explore on Antiparos. You may spend time getting to know the local people around the village or at the port. Another popular destination is the Cave of Agios Ioannis. It boasts some of the oldest known stalactites and stalagmites in the world. Perhaps more attractive are the numerous beaches you may go swimming in or windsurfing near. You may even be interested in seeing the archaeological site of the Sanctuary of Apollo on nearby Despotiko.

Nevertheless, do take some time out of one afternoon to wander up the old stone streets and absorb a little bit of the history of this beautiful, relic-strewn land. Enter the modest but stately Historical and Folklore Museum and allow it to give you proper context for your travels. The museum, after all, captures the essence of culture, history, and life in Antiparos and surrounding areas.


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