Spent time at Glyfa Beach in Antiparos

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Greece is a popular tourist destination and in addition to there being some great places to see on the mainland, there are also plenty of islands to visit. Antiparos is one of these islands. While on Antiparos Island, you’ll want to visit Glyfa Beach. Here’s more information about what it takes to visit this island and the beach itself:

About Glyfa Beach in Antiparos, Greece

Antiparos is a tiny island located in the Aegean Sea in the center of the Cyclades which are a collection of islands belonging to Greece. Glyfa Beach is positioned in the island’s southern reaches. Its location makes it a popular endpoint for beach frequenters.

The sandy outpost is still situated in a relatively rural and unspoiled center. Those who visit rave about the tranquil seaside views, nearby sights like rushing creeks, and lush foliage providing protection from the potentially powerful sun.

Though popular, the beach does not typically become overly crowded. This fact renders the destination a perfect safe harbor for individuals hoping to enjoy a greater degree of privacy or those with families and small children.

What to Do At Glyfa Beach In Antiparos

This beach is a great place to spend the day. Here’s a look at some of the things you can do in Glyfa Beach:


The island’s terrain is vast and different. Those seeking exercise and adventure might opt to take a hiking tour highlighting notable sights and outdoor locations.


Those yearning to see Antiparos and all of its surrounding beauty and wonder may decide to invest in a tour. Both public and private excursions are available.

Catamaran Cruises

Persons seeking to explore the island from a sea perspective are encouraged to consider taking a catamaran cruise originating from nearby Paros. These trips also offer lunch.

Beach Exploration

Beach-loving subjects desiring to sample the sights and atmospheres of several sandy shoreline settings may choose a beach exploration cruise around Antiparos. Included in this cruise is a barbecue meal.

Cave of Antiparos

Those intrigued by geology and land formations may enjoy the Cave of Antiparos. Previous visitors highlight its sights and appearance.

Cruise to Neighboring Islands

Those truly seeking to explore may consider going on an exclusive private cruise to Naxos and other frequented Cyclades islands. These excursions are typically offered for five days and are given to groups of up to four people.

Hotels and Restaurants

The area boasts a significant number of nearby hotels and restaurants. They also range in price and fit the budgets of most travelers.

Getting to Glyfa Beach in Antiparos, Greece

The only way to get to the Antiparos region from the Greek capital Athens or most points within the nation is via ferry. There is no direct ferry transporting visitors to Antiparos. Rather, prospective visitors must first travel to neighboring Paros island and then access smaller vessels traversing from said location to Antiparos.

Glyfa Beach in the Greek island of Antiparos is emerging in popularity. Travelers favor the quieter and tranquil location for its unspoiled and picturesque surroundings. However, despite its more rural nature, the region offers numerous activities and is rife with restaurants and bars.

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