Things You Need to Do on Kefalonia

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KefaloniaKefalonia is one of those idyllic Greek islands that never fails to enchant its guests. The biggest island in the Ionian island group, you’d never realize it was so big unless you looked at a map. No matter where you go, people treat you with all the hospitality that the people of Greece have to offer. Although, it is certainly easy to lose track of yourself here. Whether meandering through the countryside, losing track of time while sunbathing, or enjoying a delicious traditional meal, Kefalonia is a place where you can truly get away from it all. Here are some things that you should do while visiting the island:

Take a Day Trip to a Quiet Seaside Village

If you aren’t already staying in or near the village of Assos, you really should consider passing through. This is one of those places where you should go in order to catch a glimpse of traditional Greek life. Assos is certainly peaceful but despite that, there’s still plenty of things to do here. In fact, this is the ideal place to go if you’re looking for a quiet beach! Spend some time meandering through the streets and then lounging in the sun. After you’re done with those activities, be sure to eat a traditional meal in a local taverna.

Visit the Melissani Cave

You don’t need to spend all of your time at the beach, right? If you want a retreat from the hot sun, consider visiting the Melissani Cave, which is located near the village of Karavomilo. The cave is actually fairly long at a whopping 3.5 kilometers. However, you don’t need to venture too far in order to experience it. One of the most interesting things about the cave is that it was formed when water entered the cave. If you do plan on venturing in, make sure you have all the right equipment!

Take a Boat Tour

Sure, it can be fun exploring the island by foot or through a tour. However, that’s not the only way! During your stay, consider taking a boat tour of the island. There are several operators located throughout the island who will give you a tour. Your goal will be to find one with a great reputation who will give you a great experience. Your best bet is to ask for advice at your hotel or vacation rental. Most tours will give you some historical and cultural information as well as take you to all the notable places that aren’t accessible by foot, such as some of the caves and inlets on the shores of the Kefalonia.

Spend Time at the Beach

There certainly is no shortage of beaches on this island! In fact, many people believe that Kefalonia has some of the best beaches in Greece. The water is warm and crystal blue, the sun is relaxing, and many of them have excellent scenery. Some beaches you won’t want to miss include Petani Beach, Myrtos Beach, and Skala Beach.

While visiting the Greek island of Kefalonia, there certainly is no shortage of things that you can do during your stay!

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