Best Museums to Visit in Mykonos Town (Chora)

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It’s true that Mykonos is known for its beaches and nightlife. People flock here each year to experience those things and to take in the beauty of the island itself. However, that’s not all there is to do on the island. There are plenty of museums here to satisfy your curiosity and they cover topics such as history, folklore, and even curiosities. Here’s more information about the museums you can visit near Mykonos Town, or Chora, which is the main town on the island:

Agricultural Museum

People don’t necessarily think of agriculture when they consider islands such as Mykonos, but the truth is that agriculture has been an important part of the economy in Greece for thousands of years. Many islands are self sustaining and it’s also interesting to see how agriculture evolved. This small museum won’t take a long time to get through, but it’s worth it. It’s also housed in an old windmill and is located in the Ano Myloi area of the town.

Archaeological Museum of Mykonos

If you want to know more about the ancient history of the island, the Archaeological Museum is the place to be. This museum holds artifacts that have been found throughout the island at various dig sites, particularly from a place known as the “Purification Pit.” In fact, the museum was originally set up to hold artifacts from this place. There are other artifacts located here, too. This museum is also located in Chora, or Mykonos Town,

Delos Archaeological Museum

Delos is actually a small island located in the Cyclades, the same island group that both Mykonos and Santorini are made up of. This island is unique because it contains a vast archaeological site that has been studied extensively. This museum was built in 1904 and offers a place to store many of the artifacts that have been uncovered at the sit. It also goes over some of the history of Delos and the other islands in the area. In particular, there are some interesting statues on display here, such as that of Apollo and Cleopatra.

Folklore Museum of Mykonos

There’s more to the island’s culture than just its history. The folklore museum, which is also located in Chora, is a great place to learn about other aspects of the culture. Objects that can be viewed here include costumes, furniture, tools, and ceramics. There are even some artifacts here, such as the collection of ancient tools. It won’t take long to go through this museum since it is on the small side, but it is definitely worth your time.

House of Lena

If you are looking for a unique collection of items, the House of Lena is the place for you. It’s actually considered to be a branch of the folklore museum. The goal here is to give visitors a glimpse of what a traditional home in the Cyclades, particularly on Mykonos, looks like. This is very typical of a home from the 1800’s on the island, and some of the more remote homes still look like this.

While on Mykonos in Chora, the main town, you should consider visiting these museums.

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