Art Galleries to Visit on the Island of Mykonos

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The Greek island of Mykonos is one of those places that people from all over the world love to visit. They come here in search of capturing some of the magic that can be found on the islands in this country. Some come specifically for the parties, others want to enjoy the beach or the historical sites.

However, there is another side of the island that is worth experiencing. No matter what you come to the island in search of, you should spend some time browsing through one of the many art galleries. Here’s more information on the galleries you should visit while on the island:

Rarity Gallery

The Rarity Gallery is one of the most unique museums in all of Greece. Located in Mykonos Town, this gallery features beautiful works of art that are completely unique. Though the pieces are all for sale, you are more than welcome to come to this gallery just to browse the pieces. For many, this gallery tops their lists of things they must do while on the island. Visitors report that not only are the pieces unique, but they’re laid out in a way that enhances the experience.

Dio Horia

If you want a place to observe contemporary Greek culture, you won’t want to miss the chance to visit the Dio Horia gallery. Known as the Dio Horia Contemporary Art Platform, this gallery showcases some unique pieces that have been created by some outstanding and talented artists. Each featured artist has a unique voice and uses their art to express themselves.

Minima Gallery

The Minima Gallery is also located in Mykonos Town, and it is also devoted to showcasing work from contemporary artists from Greece and also throughout the world. This gallery is laid out much like a museum, but some of the art is also available for purchase. If you want to experience the works of some of the best artists in the world, you really should spend time here.

Audio & Art Galleries

Located in Ano Marie, the Audio & Art Galleries offers an entirely different artistic experience. By incorporating audio sounds, equipment, and art together, it enables visitors to use more than one sense when viewing and enjoying the art. Listen to music while viewing the pieces, or simply consider the audio and stereo equipment to be works of art in their own right. The pieces are all carefully selected to offer a full experience.

Triciclo Art Shop

Another great place to visit is the Triciclo Art Shop, which is also located in Mykonos Town. This shop showcases objects such as sculptures and pottery, but also has original paintings up for sale. It is a beautiful shop and gallery to poke around in and all the pieces were made by local sources.

While on the island of Mykonos, you will want to experience some of the beautiful art. There are plenty of galleries, and most of them are located in or near Mykonos Town.

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