Ancient Ftelia on Mykonos is Worth a Visit

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Mykonos is on of those destinations in Greece that people flock to each year. They come for different reasons. Some want to experience the parties, others want to lounge at the beach, and still others get caught up in its remarkable history. When you’re looking for a getaway destination that is unique and not one of the typical tourist destinations, consider visiting Ancient Ftelia. Shrouded in mystery, these ancient ruins are the perfect place to visit if you enjoy experiencing new adventures. Here’s more information:

Getting to Ancient Ftelia

In order to get to Ancient Ftelia begins by traveling from Athens, Greece, southeast to the popular island of Mykonos in the Mediterranean Sea. The island of Mykonos is well-known for its nightlife and sightseeing opportunities, along with its amazing beaches on the Mediterranean coastline. You can get to Mykonos from Athens by plane, which takes about 30 minutes or you can travel by ferry to the island, which takes about 2 1/2 hours.

Once you arrive in Mykonos town on the island of Mykonos, traveling to the ancient site of Ftelia on the north side of the island takes about 15 to 20 minutes by car and is approximately a 7kilometer drive. There are also tour buses available to the ancient archaeological site that will let you enjoy the scenery while someone else drives.

About Ancient Ftelia

Ancient Ftelia dates back to about the 5th millennium BC. There have been many excavations done in the area, producing several ancient artifacts, including exposing a tomb that many believe belongs to Ajax the Locrian, an ancient Illiad hero. The excavations were conducted up to the year 2,000 AD and have determined that the ancient city included four levels of settlements. The first settlement was built around the building of Megaron on the top of a hill. Further excavations have uncovered ancient pottery and Obsidian tools used by the natives of the area.

What to do at Ancient Ftelia:

While visiting the ancient site of Ftelia, hiring a guide to help explain the historic importance of the area and archeological findings can help make your trip even more fulfilling. The area is filled with amazing scenery, inviting you to take plenty of pictures during your trip as well as taking some time to lounge in the sun on the relaxing beaches of Ancient Ftelia. The beaches of Ftelia are off the beaten path, giving you more privacy than the more popular beaches on the island. Allow yourself the time to just soak in the energy of this historic Mediterranean Coast settlement and enjoy a true archaeological site that is several thousand years old.

Getting away for a vacation or just a long weekend to Ancient Ftelia on Mykonos Island can provide you with memories you will take with you for a lifetime. The site is a must for those who enjoy archaeology. When you’re looking for your next travel experience, consider Ancient Ftelia as your next getaway location.

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