Visit the Skoufa Gallery on Mykonos

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People from all over the world flock to the Greek island of Mykonos for a variety of reasons. They come here to enjoy the parties, the island’s natural beauty, its history, and general sense of relaxation. People also come here to enjoy art, whether to create it for themselves or to enjoy it in the museums and galleries. One of the best places to do this as at the Skoufa Gallery.

Here’s more information about the Skoufa Gallery on Mykonos:

About the Skoufa Gallery

Founded in 1981, Skoufa Gallery began in 1981. In 2014, the gallery would expand to the Mykonos Town. The Skoufa Gallery is located in the historical district of Mykonos called Kolonaki. Since it’s opening, Skoufa Gallery has showcased modern and contemporary art. Their goal is to create multicultural dialogues by promoting both Greek and international artists. The Skoufa Gallery on Mykonos showcases the painting, sculptures, design, new media, current trends, and more from talented artists.

The Skoufa gallery is divided into two different exhibition spaces. One section is dedicated to curated periodical exhibitions and the other displays the artwork from their rich collection.

Past exhibits at the Skoufa Gallery have included: Our Inner Child (group show), The Pop Evolution (group exhibition), Colour Fields (group exhibition), and Sea Through II by Marina Vernicos. Artists featured at the Skoufa Gallery in Mykonos include: Stathis Alexopoulos, Elsa Kitsou, Melina Koan, Dimitris Likissas, and Aaron Majoros to name a few.

Visit the Skoufa Gallery on Mykonos

Visiting the Skoufa Gallery is an experience you shouldn’t miss, especially if you are an art lover. This is a unique chance to see many of the talented Greek artists showcased in one place. You will undoubtedly by impressed by the skills of these artists in their chosen media. Collectors will also enjoy viewing these works of art. You can’t go wrong adding to your collection with impressive Greek artwork.

The Skoufa Gallery has an art shop online where you will find something to suit your style. If you have children, there are items for the younger visitors. There are also ceramics, contemporary art objects, and sculptures. If you prefer prints, you will be impressed by the selection. You can also choose to purchase a small print of your favorite piece. The shop also sells items that make wonderful wedding gifts. If you enjoyed your visit to the Skoufa Gallery on Mykonos, you might want something to remember your trip by. Purchase your favorite print or a gift for a loved one.

To get to the Skoufa Gallery you must first get to Mykonos. You can travel to Mykonos by ferry and by plane. Daily ferries to Mykonos can be caught from the ports of Rafina and Piraeus, the main ports of Athens. A flight is the quicker option as it only takes 30 minutes to get from Athens to Mykonos.

If you want to experience the art of Mykonos and Greece as well as some international artists, you will want to visit the Skoufa Gallery on Mykonos.

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