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The Village of Kalambaka is located near Meteora, Greece. Kalambaka has a unique feature that includes the precipitous Meteora rocks that border the northern part of the skyline. It is a place that you absolutely won’t want to miss visiting! Here’s what you should know about the village of Kalambaka and the monasteries of Meteora:

About the Village of Kalambaka

The ancient name of Kalambaka was Eginio and dates back as far as the Hellenistic and Roman period. During the 10th century, the village of Kalambaka was known as Stagi. Kalambaka is known around the world for its monasteries that sit atop the rocks of Meteora. Kalambaka is a place rich with history and important monuments. Traveling from Meteora to Kalambaka is possible via bus, taxi, or car. The trip doesn’t take long, approximately five minutes by car and 35 by bus. If you walk, it will take about an hour. If you’re traveling from Athens, you best choice is the train that goes to Kalambaka. The train trip takes about five hours.

The Monasteries at Meteora

When visiting the village of Kalambaka, the monasteries at Meteora should be on your to-do list. These monasteries date back to the 14th century. Monks occupied caverns at Meteora as far back as the 11th century, but only began constructing monasteries in the 14th century to serve as protection from Turkish attacks on Greece. At that time access to the top was only via removable ladders and windlass. The monks would go on to built 20 monasteries.

Today there are six monasteries remaining. You can get to them via steps and bridges that were added during the 1920s. The highest and oldest monastery is the Great Meteoron Monastery. At this location you will be able to view the skulls of former residents that are on display in the sacristy. The other monasteries include: the Monastery of Varlaam, the Monastery of Roussanou, the Monastery of St. Stephen, the Monastery of Holy Trinity, and the Monastery of St. Nikolaos.

What to Do in Kalambaka

Thanks to its rich history and natural beauty, there is no shortage of things to see and do when in Kalambaka. There are a number of cultural and theme tours available in Kalambaka. Just a few ideas include: a sunset tour, a tour of the monasteries, nature and wildlife tours, and various hiking tours.

The Byzantine Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is a beautiful church with paintings and a marble staircase.The Natural History of Meteora & Mushroom Museum is really two museums housed in one building. You will learn about 350 species of birds and mammals and 250 species of mushrooms. You will also find the Hellenic Culture Museum in Kalambaka. For a meal with a view, the Meteoron Panorama Restaurant is a clear winner.

The view of Meteora and the Kalambaka plains from the veranda while you enjoy beautifully prepared meals can’t be missed. Kalambaka has a number of restaurants, tavernas, and pubs. Whether you’re looking for a casual or more elegant dining experience, you will find it.

You won’t be disappointed when you visit Kalambaka. The village has so much to offer: sights to see, places to eat, and places to shop.

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